Friday, June 10, 2011

A wedding

The whole reason for our trip to Utah (aside from my birthday) was the wedding of these two awesome people.
(Don't you love her dress?)

Peter (Christian's youngest brother) and Courtney were married Saturday, June 4th at the Salt Lake temple. As always, one of the best parts of a wedding is getting to catch up with this huge, crazy family. A few siblings were missing, unfortunately, but we got to see a lot of them (hey, there's 13 in all...we have to be happy with 8 or 9 at a time!).

We attempted to get a nice picture of Christian and me on the temple grounds, but had a bit of interference.
So we edited him out

Peter and Courtney were glowing as they came out of the temple. I snapped a few pictures while we waited for the doorway to free up for pictures (By the way, I think it was pure inspiration to have 2 identical doorways/stairways at the back of the temple...Somebody had to know that tons of brides would want pictures at the same time in the same place. It was also somewhat amusing to count the number of bridal parties milling around temple square that day).

Afterwards, we headed to the Joseph Smith Building for a luncheon, and then had some free time. On our way to the car, we ran into some good friends from Michigan...who know live in Utah, and have had a new baby since we last saw them! What a nice surprise to see the Rowley's!

That afternoon, we went to a few homes on the Parade of Homes tour. One was very close to where my sister-in-law wants to build a home, and it was fun to think about what they might have soon, and the other was two doors down from the home Christian mostly grew up in. Here's the view up and down the mountain he had from that house:

That evening, there was a reception in Provo. It was a beautiful evening for...more pictures!

The boys (5 of the 9 brothers, plus Daddy)

Here are Christian's amazing sisters:

Wait, now here they all are:

Catherine and baby Alice:

My talented sister-in-law, Annelise, signing:

And my sweet nieces, helping carry the train:

My father-in-law:

Brother-in-law, Adam, and my new neice, Eliza:

My niece, Lucy, holding the bouquet:

Cutting the cake:

Sending them off with sparklers:

(Side-note: Courtney is Jimmer's cousin. My sister-in-law had a small basketball and "I love Jimmer" shirt close by, ready for an autograph, but he didn't show up. I can say that I met his aunt and uncle, and they are very nice!)

I played around with a few of these pictures on Piknik, and came up with these--I thought they were kind of cool:
Original of a stream by the Conference center:

I thought it was just all so well done--and loved spending the (short) time with the family. I really married into a wonderful family!


Robin V said...

How fun that you ran into the Rowleys! I'm a bit jealous.

Annette Sugiyama said...

No Jimmer! Bummer. What a lame cousin.

Love the pics, crazy that you saw the rowleys! Looks like a fun trip.