Sunday, May 8, 2011

What's green and pink and speckled all over?

My bathroom!

We're in the midst of yet another project--one that I'm really excited about!
I know I wavered back and forth about adding trim to the hallway, and eventually decided against it...but I thought that the small main level bathroom would be the perfect place to try it out!
I don't have a good beginning photo of this bathroom, but I have this shot red living room, to give you an idea of the color.
Intense, right?

I'll save the details for the final reveal...but here's a few in process shots. (spackling, gluing, nailing, caulking, paint...oh, my!)

Here's what we've learned so far:
*Nail gun and compressor--totally worth it! We borrowed one to start, and ended up buying our own because we know we'll use it.
*Starting the bathroom was a good idea. Its a small space, and we are only (most likely) trimming out two walls, so its a good place to practice.
*Board and Batten (hearafter refered to as B&B) is really simple--and its beautiful! Totally doable and totally worth it! After our last few home improvement projects, its so nice for it to work out!
*On a more practical note, its a really good idea to spackle and sand the wall between vertical slats--it makes the wall texture much smoother to match the MDF. Oh, and caulking is a good idea to cover gaps between the wall and wood, but it isn't necessary everywhere, and too much is not so good!

There's also been a little of this:
(new installed faucet on new installed sink--pretty!)

(cutting molding)

and this:
and a whole lot of dust:)

This project (typical, I know) has taken much longer than expected, but we're nearly finished, so I'll post an official "After" soon--but here's a teaser:
I'm still pondering the decor details, but the basics are nearly done!
(That's the old sink, hanging out in the garage)


Catherine Faux said...

WOW Robyn, I love it! Please come over and do my house. I think I have potential to have great ideas, but (talking in a really quiet voice...) we don't really know how to do that type of stuff. Now, I will copy you.

DeAnn said...

I can't wait to see it!

Jennie and Adam said...

I can't wait to see the big reveal!

Annelise said...

I likey!!!!!