Sunday, May 22, 2011

How to Install Crown Molding...our way

Just a few finishing touches for the bathroom...I'm getting excited! (Both because it looks awesome, and I really want to take it off my "to do" list!)
So, in our house, here's how we do crown molding.

Step 1: buy white trim weeks before it is needed (who knew it would take so long to get around to it?). Leave it in the garage. $10
Step 2: Buy a miter saw. Hey, at $170, it was a good deal! And he's wanted one for a long time!
Step 3: Buy a car load of wood--so much wood, in fact, that I require help loading and have a very unsafe drive home with my Kindergartner in the front seat. ($50-plus a new drill, since we can't find the old one)
Step 3.4: Bring out Littlest Pet Shop and play on the new wood.
Step 4: Build a table. Because you can't use the saw safely without a solid work surface. Plus, we've wanted one for a long time. 2 hours. (The kids loved helping).
Plus, we have enough stuff to build two more tables.

Notice the height? It is scaled for Christian, not me. I'll have to use a step stool to reach the top. On the flip side, the kids won't be able to reach anything up there, either. Totally a man table.

What was the table for, you ask? And what does this have to do with crown molding? Hang on a minute...

Step 5: What was this post about again? Oh, yeah--crown molding. We haven't gotten there yet. We realized that our bathroom walls aren't square, and the angles aren't simple, so we'll let you know when we figure it out...Since I'm not so good at tutorials, though, here's a good one: ThriftyDecorChick does crown molding (Except that for our little space, the angle isn't 45 degrees...Be grateful if it works for you!)


Amy said...

Oh my goodness your kids are getting so grown up! Good luck with the molding. You are a brave woman!

DeAnn said...

Oh no--why does something always have to go wrong?! I promise I always read and love your blog. Usually on my phone though and it's a pain to comment from that...