Sunday, May 8, 2011


Once again, we made the (short) trek to Ohio over the Easter weekend. Christian had both Friday and Monday off, so we drove up Thursday evening (and came back Monday, hoping to get some work down around the house...ha!)
We had a fun, and surprisingly productive weekend! On Friday, the kids built Green Funland (a tradition) and we took the kids swimming. Saturday morning, we headed over to the church for a pancake breakfast/egg hunt.
Afterwards, we spent an afternoon outside.
The Dad's cut down some trees, cleared some shrubs, and built a trampoline.
The kids helped a bit and played in the "swimming hole" (i.e. puddle, Green lake, or mud pit). At first we told them no, you can't get wet...Then we allowed them to wade in...
Then they rolled up their pant legs...
Then they dove in with their clothes on....
Then Isaac stripped down to his diaper (I'm free!)...
And then I gave in and let them use their swimsuits.
DeAnn fed us amazing food like black bean soup and burritos and cookies and funeral (resurrection?) potatoes.
We also worked on a craft project for the girls' rooms...We spray painted plywood panels, and the girls created a set of 3 paintings to hang.
For the first time ever, we made the drive home without any potty breaks:)
Thanks for another fun weekend!


DeAnn said...

We miss you already.

Nancy said...

It looks so fun! I love hearing about how much you guys love getting together. When we were young, our parents got together with their brothers and sisters too, and we had so much fun as cousins. It built strong family friendships in us that have lasted all these years.