Monday, May 16, 2011

All dolled up

My latest project (having nothing at all to do with the house):

I found a solid wood doll cradle at my local Goodwill for $3. I figured for that price, it was worth experimenting!

I started by giving it a thorough sanding. I patched with wood filler and sanded again.
I primed and painted it white--and realized that some of the scratches, dents, etc. just wouldn't go away, so I decided to work with it.
I cut a piece of foam to fit inside, and covered it with an old t-shirt using hot glue. I thought about sewing something, but laziness won that debate.
At the craft store, I picked up a polka dot stencil, some glaze medium, purple craft paint, and tulle. I mixed the paint with a pearl medium, and used the dot stencil on both ends.
After it dried, I added some glaze medium to the paint mix and glazed all the edges.
I also used the stencil brush to add a scallop detail around the heart cut-out and along the sides.
Then, for the finishing detail, I added a tulle skirt along the bottom. First, I cut the tulle 3x's as long as the cradle. Using hot glue, I attached both ends and middle of the tulle strip to the underside of the cradle.
I continued pinching the tulle and gluing the middle of each section until it looked nice and full. I did two rows of tulle on each side--One was white with white dots, one was purple with white dots. I finished it by using staples, so it was secure.
I think it makes a pretty cute bed for my very girlie-girl and her doll!


Marcy said...

I'm impressed!! That's really cute!!

Majid Ali said...
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