Sunday, April 3, 2011

April's Fool: Take 7

Rachel is 7!
(This is the mandatory "brag about my child" post)
I am so amazed when I think about the last seven years, and how far she has come. Rachel has had her implant for 4 years, and is taking and signing quite well. She loves school, has adjusted really well to being the only deaf kid in her new school, and is reading at (and sometimes above) grade level. This is huge, considering English is in some ways her second language, and most deaf people really struggle with reading. She is also writing well--with good English grammar. She has deaf and hearing friends, and insists on being included socially wherever she goes. She participates in Primary, and loves to sing Primary songs. Rachel has a strong stubborn streak, which can be frustrating at times, but also fuels her progress. Perhaps most important, Rachel is happy.
(Flaunting her birthday-cowgirl get-up)

Rachel's birthday is April 1st--April Fools day :) My brother in law, who shares this birthday, has warned me NOT to mess with her birthday, so we don't...too much. Lately, we've tried to find some silly ways to celebrate her birthday to go along with April Fools' day (without doing shaving cream or cardboard cakes). This year, we served lunch at the Crazy Cafe.
I used a free online printable, but changed it some to fit our needs. Christian came home for lunch to celebrate with us. The menu has items letter A-G, with corresponding girly items (like Cinderella and American Girls). I had a master list that said which item corresponded to which food or utensil.
The kids chose 2 items for an appetizer and 4 for the main lunch. Nathan about had a fit when he realized he had to eat macaroni and cheese without a fork, but most of the kids followed Daddy's example, and dug in with their hands. Only Aaron ordered a fork with his noodles :)
After lunch, we did cake and ice cream and presents before Christian hurried back to work, and the rest of the afternoon was spent playing with the new things. That night we had a pizza and a movie night with popcorn and candy.
I don't have the greatest pictures from yesterday, since the kids weren't interested in slowing down long enough to smile for the camera, but I did find this old picture of Rachel from when she was a baby. I love this, because she just looks so fragile and sweet. She really did have all that hair! In the picture, she is 2 months old, but still weighs only 7 lbs. She couldn't really hold her head up, so we had to prop her up and take a quick picture. It was shortly after this picture was taken that the doctors got serious about her weight and I stopped breastfeeding.
In her 7 years, she has had 5 surgeries, moved 4 times and lived in5 states, and, quite frankly, is having a very blessed life.


DeAnn said...

Happy Birthday Rachel! We love you and are so, so proud of you!

Adam Green said...

Happy Birthday to Rachel!!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday to Rachel! She is so darn cute! That baby picture of her is darling. What a cutie!

Annelise said...

That baby picture is sooooooo adorable. She has grown into quite the beautiful young lady! I still need to send your Christmas present. I think the girls will love them!Maybe they can have Christmas in July?

AnnaBanana said...

I love that sweet picture of Rachel! She looks precious! and the cake looked awesome!

Tell her Quincey wishes her a happy bday!

Debbie said...

That is such a huge deal that her reading and writing is doing so awesome! Way to go Rachel and way to go you guys for making it happen. Hooray!

btw, that cake looks SO yum!

Robin V said...

Happy Birthday to Rachel! That baby picture is adorable - makes me just want to reach in and hold her.

(And looks amazingly like Aaron...)

Robyn said...

Thanks, everyone!

Sherilyn said...

She is a darling girl! And I love the baby picture also. So cute! :)

I agree that the reading and writing, etc. probably didn't just happen without your help. Way to go!

Thanks for all your fun posts! :)

mama.laughead said...

That baby picture is amazing. It is also amazing how she is immediately identifiable as herself. You are missed.