Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Practice House: Status Update

Four weeks.
That's how long we've been here...Unbelievable!
I thought it was about time I give a little house tour. You know, show what we've done, what needs to be done, and ask for a bit of advice.
So here goes.
The entry hall:
One of the first thing we did after buying this house was to rip out some rather dated wallpaper, but we're still working on getting all the glue off. We also debated back and forth about adding beadboard or molding, but I think we've decided for now to do the simplest thing--rip out the existing chair rail, spackle, and paint. (Currently, we have dust everywhere!)
(Can't decide on paint!)
We really need to get this done, so that when people stop by it doesn't look like such a construction zone around here!
(Kids at work...They loved scrubbing walls for about 10 minutes.)
The living room:
When we moved in it was red, with gold accents (We're talking Chinese restaurant-red).
This was the first room we had primed and painted, and we replaced the hanging Tiffany-style chandelier with a regular old light fixture. We're still working on replacing the switch plates (we'll replace the gold ones with something a bit more...normal) and hanging pictures. For now, most of the artwork hangs out in this room until I get more walls painted and decide on permanent homes for pictures. (In real life the color isn't so golden...its actually a very nice neutral. I really wanted to put white beadboard across the back wall, but that will have to wait)
The main-level bathroom:
Again, think Chinese restaurant colors. I primed the walls, and have selected a color, but we need to replace the gold Hollywood lights, paint the cabinet, and possibly replace the countertop, before I can finish the walls. On hold for now, but will need to be done soon so that visitors won't think we're more shabby than chic.
The kitchen:
Hurrah! We discovered that we can remove the wallpaper, and its coat of brown textured paint, with the simple combination of varnish remover, wallpaper remover, hot water, scrubbing, and perhaps a bit of sanding. We've started enough to know it can be done, but haven't worked on it since we discovered how hard it would be. Plus, we started 10 other projects at the same time. Eventually, we'll paint the cabinets (the nice countertops clash with the golden oak finish), hopefully do something with the lighting (Did you see the crazy flourescent light box in the photo?!), and add window treatments. I might make them, which would be exciting.
The laundry room/pantry:

A basic, functional room in seafoam green, with a nice white patch where the old owners had removed a shelf.
One morning, sick of half-finished projects, I decided to tackle the pantry. I emptied it (making a huge mess in my kitchen), repainted the shelves white, painted the walls a nice green,
and replaced all the food, in an organized fashion. Eventually, we'll paint the rest of the walls and probably add some hooks or shelving for the broom, mop, aprons, and such. See my pretty new washer and drier? That's cuz the people who bought our house wanted the old ones that didn't work very well. I guess I should thank them!

We obviously need to work on tidying up the space, and we'll get to it, I swear. Eventually.

That's it for now. I'll show the rest of the goodness later on. The girls' room has some great potential, and our master bedroom/bathroom is a cave--a big, brown cave. Help! Anyone want to come visit? And help?

The big question is...I really, really want white trim. The trim in this house is actually decent quality, pretty wood trim and I don't think I should change it. But--could I maybe change it in some rooms? Like--the girl's room? Or the master bedroom? Or a bathroom? And would painting over trim and-or windows (which are wood) hurt the value of the house?


Kasey said...

wow, where is Nate Berkus when you need him? I think you should submit your home that is full of potential!!!
Fun projects. i think that some rooms can be white and others the stained trim.

Robyn said...

Just last night Christian said I should start applying to every homeimprovement tv show I could...because we could definitely use the help!

Marcy said...

I would LOVE to come visit, but I'm not quite ready to make the 20 hour drive alone with my 3 kids. If only you lived a little closer...say only 7 or so hours away...or better yet, just an hour away!!! We really miss y'all. Your house is looking great, though!!!

Sabrina O'Malley said...

I love seeing your projects. I might have a ton of questions for you in a few months. We are looking at getting a fixer-upper and I will be doing many of the same projects.

Annelise said...

Paint the trim white!!! The volor of the wood always dates a house. If it is not a victorian-paint it white.