Sunday, March 13, 2011

Magnificent Mile

One perk from Christian's days of travelling for work--free hotel nights! He had one last free night (before he lost his Diamond Member status) to use at any Hilton hotel, and we chose to use it last weekend. The Wesels were nice enough to take our kids for the night, so we could drive to Chicago, visit the temple, and have a mini-vacation.
It was so nice to get away! Our hotel was downtown right on the Magnificent Mile with a lake view. We enjoyed a walk around the city at night,
dinner at Giordano's (for real Chicago-stuffed pizza),
another walk the next morning out on the Navy pier,
and-perhaps one of my favorite parts--we found a Jamba Juice! I just haven't found anything like Jamba juice anywhere after moving East, so I bought a jumbo size for the drive home.
While watching my kids, Jessica ran a blood drive at church and Christian made me get over my fear of needles and donate for the first time. It really wasn't bad, and I got a special 1st-timer pin. I do hate needles, though. Really. But I guess I can put up with a needle prick for a good cause.
Since moving here, I've gone back to Michigan all but one weekend, and we plan on going back next weekend for frisbee....Our house is suffering a bit from the inattention, so we'll have to pick a weekend soon to stay in town...but I enjoyed our time at the temple, and I'm so glad we're close enough to friends to still have something like a social life!


DeAnn said...

I'm so glad you got away for a trip. You deserve it! I wondered how giving blood fit into a trip to Chicago...:) We painted Natalie's room! Purple--our first painting job in over 3 years. I'll post about it.

Kasey said...

How nice for the two of you to get away. Looks like you had a lot of fun.

Nancy said...

Whenever I read about the two of you,I can read "solidarity" between the lines. What a wonderful example of how a couple is intended to be! Many in the world would envy you and wonder how to get that.

Robin V said...

Don't you love Giordano's?!?

Robyn said...

Good stuff! We bought a big one so we would have extra!