Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Packing it in...

We crammed in as many fun activities as we could before leaving.
Christian took the girls to the school Daddy/daughter dance on Friday night. Here is a shot of their hair---
Another hair shot--Rachel spent Saturday playing with her good friend, Madison. They went to McDonalds AND Jungle Joes--a pretty amazing playday for a couple of good friends.
On Sunday, the Wesel's hosted an open house for us, featuring tons of good food (PB Snickers cupcakes, and more) and a constant flow of good friends. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera...so I have to wait for my friends to post pictures.
We also invited friends over on both Sunday and Monday nights for games and talking. We had to use up every last minute enjoying our friends!

On Monday, I ran the Valentine's Day Party at Rachel's school. I didn't volunteer for it, and tried to get out of it, but somehow I ended up running this class party while movers were at my house, packing boxes. We played Valentine's pictionary and pin the kiss on the frog, made a huge Valentine for the teacher, and made Hershey-kiss roses. Since there is a nut allergy in the class, I spent the last normal night in my home baking allergy-friendly, pink Valentine's Day cookies for all the kids.
Then, the movers showed up and started packing up our life. I was amazed both by how much stuff we had and how quickly they boxed it all up.I was blessed to have several friends help clean up the house. In the past I haven't let people come help, but...I just had to let them help, and I'm so grateful I did. The work went so much faster, and was way less stressful!
Hannah took one last opportunity to run around the neighborhood and say goodbye to friends.We love KalamaZion! (And we'll come back often)


Amy said...

Oh my goodness, your girls are so grown up! They are beautiful, and the hair is beautiful too! Good luck with the move.

Adam said...

We miss you guys already! Can't wait to hear how you're settling in there in Indiana!

LeGrand, Alicia, Wesley and Fredrick said...

I can't believe everything you were doing while MOVING! Moving is the worst, even with people helping and with movers. Ug. You always were amazing though! Love the hair--you have gorgeous girls, who have your gorgeous hair.