Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dear Diary--

We're counting down the days until the move, and trying to cram in as many fun, Michigan-ish things as we can.
Last week, Christian invited our family over for dinner at our friends, the Linkfield's. I'm grateful that Christian doesn't feel the need to wait for an invitation! Rachel was hooked on their dogs...the dogs that are more like horses. We appreciated some good chatting time.
This Sunday, we invited over our friends, the Johnsons (and didn't take any pictures). We have a rather long list of people we must hang out with before we leave, and we're trying hard to get to everyone. If we don't get to someone, I apologize...and promise to come back sometime soon to play!
We had a bit of snow this week. The weather-people had a grand time coming up for storm names, like "Snowmageddon", and for once they were right (sort of). They were right in that we got snow, and had 2 days off from school. I don't think we really got that much (although the piles lining our driveway are nearly as tall as I am), and we really shouldn't have had the 2nd day off. It was pretty cold and windy, though, so it was bad enough.
We used the second day off from school to head to down to Indiana and do some work on the house. We waited about 6 hours for the water to get turned on, and discovered that the microwave doesn't work and the stove isn't hooked up. Our best attempts at avoiding fast food failed. We also discovered that the kids are great at ripping down wallpaper (I should have known--destruction is totally their thing). In the coming weeks, I'll have some pretty major design-advice questions for ya'll--I hope you're creative and can help! The kids enjoyed having a "sleep-over" at the new place.
On Saturday, I met a few friends at the local paint your own pottery place for a few hours of (surprisingly stressful) painting and chatting. I let Hannah come along--she painted a bunny and dragonfly, and I did a plate and mini ladybug.
I taught what I think is my last Sunday School class today. I almost cried (I'm such a messy crier, I avoid it whenever possible). I love my Sunday School class! Honestly, I don't feel like it was that long ago that I was their age (although it really was). I teach the 14-17 year olds, and we have a good, diverse group. From the two Haitian boys I've watched learn English and get comfortable talking and participating in class, to the boy who wants to get baptized but has to wait for parental permission, to the kids I play frisbee with or pay to watch my kids....I know them all, and its a good group. I'll miss them.
This coming week will be filled with cleaning, organizing, cramming social time, planning an RS lesson and Valentine's Day class party, and savoring the last "normal" week as a Michigan resident...
(Hey, friends...if you don't hear from me, call! I want to get together!)


DeAnn said...

My heart is breaking for you. I realized during church today how much I've grown to love my ward here. Such good people that I otherwise wouldn't know--now I'd actually be sad to leave here. I hope you get there sooner than I did. :) I'm glad you'll still be close so you can go back to visit--and maybe some will come visit you.

AnnaBanana said...

So sad for you! :(

superman said...
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Sabrina O'Malley said...

Good luck with your new adventure! You area a blessing where ever you are.