Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas: Take 3 (and final--whew!)

My family left on Christmas day (Saturday afternoon), and we took a nice break on Sunday. Slept in, took it easy...Monday morning we planned on driving to Ohio. We found out that we needed to get a 3rd appraisal (did I mention we're selling our house? Boo.) and, because we were heading out of town, we scheduled it for early Monday morning. You must imagine the disastrous post-Christmas state of our house. Christian and I woke up early to clean (and even do some touch-up painting!) to get everything ready for the appraisal, and ready for a week in Ohio. We were lucky to leave the house before noon, but we did it! Still no word on the appraisal--still crossing our fingers.We had an Eastern-US Green Family Reunion in Ohio; Jonathan and DeAnn (+ 4 kids), Adam and Jennie (+4.5 kids), and our crowd of 6. Fortunately, everyone gets along really well. The kids did really well, and I love it that my kids are such good friends with their cousins. I really love to see the older cousins play with the younger ones (the big boys introduced Nathan to legos and helped us all navigate the Wii). However, most of the cousins + Hannah got sick with the flu over the week, which was a little exhausting for us all and inhibited some of our play time. We still managed to spend a fun afternoon at a very cool sledding hill; visit the John Johnson farm and the nativity display at the Kirtland Visitor's Center (hundreds of nativities, gathered from all over the world, of all shapes and sizes--very beautiful!); (Jacob, dressed as King Herod)visit Amish country (I love the horse-drawn carriages!) and a cheese factory;play lazer tag as a family (even Aaron and the little guys got to play! They didn't leave the vests on long enough to take pictures, though); see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (I loved it!) and other movies via Netflix at home; take multiple trips to Walmart daily; eat more than we should (as per usual); and play games and talk after the kids went to bed. Jennie, DeAnn...did I forget anything? Good times, good times. Thanks, Jonathan and DeAnn, for hosting!(That's Natalie, Jennie, and DeAnn...and Christian's arm, giving DeAnn a mouthful of whip cream)
We had a blast this Christmas! Our vacation time was so busy, we were a little relieved to head home and get back to a routine! This week, we've had 3 showings for our home, and we managed to put away all our Christmas decorations. The house feels so clean and open!
I'm not even thinking about New Years' resolutions yet. Maybe I'll make some Presidents' Day resolutions. I might feel ready to take on a new project by then!

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