Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas: Take 1

We finished up the last week of school with a snow day (or rather, a cold day, since we didn't have that much snow, but there was a bitter wind chill) and a round of illness--'tis the season! I really have to count my blessings, because my kids really don't get sick very often. Poor Hannah only had a day and a half of school that week, and even missed her classroom holiday party.
Nathan's class had a very sweet holiday musical program (I was so impressed that his teacher had no fear of saying "Merry Christmas"). On Thursday I ran the holiday party in Rachel's class (her teacher was afraid of "Merry Christmas"--or merry any other holiday. Our party theme was "snow.") (making snowman ornaments)
Her party was a lot of work, and I think it went okay, and my good friend Jessica helped with my kids so I could go. The best part was that I sent Hannah to school that day, but got a call on my way out the door that I needed to come pick her up from school because she still felt sick. I was late to the party I was in charge of, and I left my sick-ish kid with Jessica, but otherwise the day went smoothly. Ha.
In other related Christmas news, I make these cute snowmen out of wood and paper scraps and Mod Podge.
Hannah preformed in her Christmas piano recital (and will now take a short break from piano).
And--we attended a fun "Ugly Sweater" party, and posed for pictures a la Awkward Family Photos.(Aren't my friends cool?)


Catherine Faux said...

Hey! I wore that same sweater last week to church! Just kidding. I love your pictures. It's too bad Rachel couldn't have a Merry Christmas party...sometimes people are ridiculous!

Kasey said...

Great pics! Fun times!

Nancy said...

Isn't that the sweater I gave you for Christmas a couple of years ago? Ugly?

Robyn said...

Very funny :)
Actually, Christian borrowed the sweater from a co-worker!

DeAnn said...

Christian's is the worst for sure. Jonathan and I don't have any ugly sweaters. That would be a fun thing to look for at Goodwill or an after Christmas sale.

Mandy said...

Absolutley hilarious the Christmas sweaters pictures and what a fun idea! I came across your blog and you have such a nice family (: