Saturday, December 4, 2010

mR. TurKey'S BirThdAy

Hannah declared Thanksgiving this year "Mr. Turkey's Birthday" (which we celebrate by eating him). The kids spent the morning making party hats for themselves and their toys. I spent the morning cutting huge amounts of vegetables to make my favorite stuffing and Christian's special cheesy potatoes. Christian spent the morning getting completely muddy and sore playing in the Turkey Bowl.

Early in the afternoon we shared Thanksgiving dinner with our friends the Michaleks, and 2 boys from my Sunday School class. Valerie's home is gorgeous, and the dinner was fabulous!

Afterward, we played lots of games as the post-dinner food stupor wore off...


Kasey said...

Great families to celebrate with!!

val m said...

I think I need copies of the pictures!! I took pictures of the table and then forgot to take any other pictures!!! Thanks for coming!!! I need the potato recipe!!