Monday, December 6, 2010


Christian said it was okay to do a post without pictures.

I just wanted to say that I am in way over my head this Christmas season--and this blog is one of the last things on a very long list. Between the regular day to day stuff, and all the pressure I feel to give the kids a good Christmas (not give them stuff, give them a good experience), babysitting a few hours everyday, helping with parties at church and school, thinking about the craziness of hosting family for Christmas, crafting (cuz I can't help myself), and, oh yeah, MOVING!!!!! I'm a little stressed. We've had a ton of showings (but no offers) and each one seems to be at an incredibly inconvenient time. Like on Saturday, when we had a showing scheduled one hour before we had an appointment for family pictures. We were able to get the house nice and clean and move up our appointment one hour (can you imagine trying to maintain 4 kids for an hour away from home???!!!), and as we left our house, I thought...For this one moment, we are the perfect family! Clean kids, clean house...nevermind that I didn't last, and wasn't likely to ever be repeated!

Pictures, posts, and good stuff to come...but bear with me while I get my life in order!


DeAnn said...

Can't wait to see the family pictures! I've given up for a few years. My kids are quite uncooperative.

Don Campbell said...

Hello Greens!

Where can we send a Christmas card to this year?

Don & Laura Campbell

AnnaBanana said...

hang in there!