Thursday, November 25, 2010

Show me a sign...of gratitude

Just in time for Thanksgiving--a craft! Just what you needed!

A week ago, I was madly cleaning my home (we listed the home--its for sale. Boo), a good friend showed up to help. She didn't call ahead--I probably would have lied and told her I didn't need help. Instead, she made room for me in her very busy schedule and it made a big difference.

To say thanks, and to celebrate the season, I made this (one for me, one for my friend):

Here's a quick tutorial: (not the greatest quality pictures---I was in a hurry. I'll update with better ones soon, but I wanted to get this up...)

First, I found some chipboard letters and painted them off-white (I used spray paint)
Then, I mod-podged the letters with fall-colored paper and sanded the edges. I used distressing ink on the edges.
I cut a scrap piece of MDF down to fit the letters and painted it with some leftover brown paint.

I was actually very careful about spacing the letters, and glued them with regular craft glue.

I cut drilled two holes and laced some cord (stapled to the back, right behind the letters so the staples didn't poke through). I used small clothespins, spray painted the same color as the base of the letters.

The plan is to use this to display pictures of things we are thankful for. Unfortunately, I gave away the finished sign--the one that actually has picture hangers attached-- and you get a picture of it sitting on my craft room floor, waiting for picture hangers :)


Calgaroo said...
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Catherine Faux said...

I am so impressed with your craftiness! Ps I am making magnets with mod podge(sp?) and I have no idea how to do it.

Kasey said...

I love it!!

Sabrina O'Malley said...

Very cute idea.