Thursday, November 11, 2010

Can you believe it?!

I have NO good pictures from Halloween!
After all fuss, and all the time spent making (or for once, buying) costumes, doing hair, and whatever else, I totally slacked on taking pictures. Part of the problem is that I sort of accidentally ended up being Room Mom for Rachel's class, which meant I missed the costume parade at the other kids' school (Rachel attends a different elementary school). And the whole, Halloween on Sunday situation (annoying).
Anyway, Rachel's class party was a hit! We played some games, decorated cookies, and made these cute little handprint ghosts.
Rachel has been asking to be Cinderella for Halloween for at least a year. I bought a pattern, but them I ran across this awesome pattern-less tutorial on, and decided to try it. I ended up making 2 full dresses, each with their own flaws, but its good enough that she felt pretty special.
Hannah was a pumpkin--I bought her costume, but made a headband with leaves. Nathan was a hotdog--I bought his, too, but it was actually a dog costume from Target, and I added straps so it would stay put. Aaron was a dinosaur, but I'm not really sure he was into it. I went to the ward trunk-or-treat wearing an Indian sari (Christian brought it back from one of his trips to India for me) with a black wig to make me look Indian...and decided that black REALLY isn't my color. Christian loaned his pink teddy bear costume to a friend, and instead, rigged up a large empty pictures frame with a strap over his shoulders (so his face was centered in the empty picture spot) and a label that read "Masterpiece." Yup, that was my idea. Sorry, no pictures. Lame.


DeAnn said...

I forgot to take pictures last year. You'll have to get dressed up for FHE one week and have a photo shoot!

Annelise said...

Yeah- What the deal? No pictures? Just kidding. I think the ones of Rachel are beautiful! Way to go! I bet the ones of Christian would have been beautiful too.