Monday, October 4, 2010

I must be old...

...because I have an 8-year-old!

Hannah turned 8 last weekend (at our house, General Conference = birthday, every time)--what a girl! We had a small celebration on Sunday, but I think this will be the birthday that goes on and on and on. Her party will be on Saturday, and the following weekend is her baptism--with a bunch of family coming into town.

So--Sunday morning we started with her favorite breakfast (omlettes, with all the fixings), and presents! I got some really good deals on a small digital camera, a small Disney MP3 player (which actually doesn't work so well), a wizardology code book, a babysitters' club book, some bracelets and a skirt. (I haven't done much couponing lately, but let me tell you--we usuall spend only $30 per kid per birthday, and all that loot came in around that much, so...go me!). She was pretty pleased. She spent much of her morning wearing the skirt, organizing her bracelets, listening to music, and taking pictures of everything while writing a letter in code to her friend, Paige, who moved away last summer. She also shared very nicely with her siblings.

What kid doesn't love having General Conference on their birthday? We put Aaron down for a nap and had the 3 older ones listen to the 1st Sunday session (kept them attentive by braiding their hair and giving them print-outs).

She loved getting lots of phone calls from family!

We ended the day with a cake. A very special cake. I'd say it was something of an upside-down trifle. We wanted it to be a pumpkin with mouse filling, but we ended up just piling on as much mouse and candy as we could... So yeah. Did I mention I failed the Wilton cake decorating classes?

I'd just like to say here that Hannah is a fabulous girl. She loves to take care of people, which makes her a great big sister and babysitter. She cooks, she creates and crafts, and is friendly with everyone.

Happy birthday, Hannah!


mama.laughead said...

Happy Birthday to Hannah. We were glad to attend her baptism and I could see Christian's mannerisms in his dad. I asked Eva who baptized Hannah and she said "Nathan's dad"--it could be worse, I asked who baptized Madilyn and she said "I don't know."
Don't move.

Robyn said...

Sometimes I think telling people we're leaving is a great way to feel appreciated!

DeAnn said...

Love Hannah too!