Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hannah's birthday bash

I know. Seriously, its time for me to get my blog caught up.

Children's birthday parties scare me. Like, hide under a my covers and pretend they don't exist-kind of scared. Really. After Hannah's 6th birthday party (which involved 2 kids in a physical fight and accidentally serving one kid a food she was allergic to, in addition to loosing Rachel for about 30 minutes), I told the kids we'd only do parties every other year. And since I'm a total cheapskate, I didn't do parties for the boys' last year, giving me a complete year off!
Rachel's party last Spring went well. I stressed about it for a long time, but it ended up a hit. That gave me confidence to proceed with Hannah's party.
And---parties are still very stressful (Christian finds this amusing), but her party was a big success. No fighting, no allergies (I didn't invite any kids with known allergies...)--just a lot of well behaved, fun girls. I think I might like parties more as the kids get older.
As the girls arrived, I had them draw with fabric crayons on a plain white birthday t-shirt for Hannah.
Then, we played a few rounds of Apples to Apples, Jr. Next up--Christian led the kids in decorating their own personal pizzas (which we burnt in the oven...thankfully, lots of kids didn't like crust anyway, and we made an extra pizza...). While the pizzas baked, we made friendship bracelets using an American Girl pattern. You can see an example in the middle of the tray. Its really simple--just cotton cording, knots, and fun beads. I didn't realize that girls this age aren't completely comfortable tying knots yet, but with a little help it all worked out. The girls loved personalizing their bracelets. We finished up with pizza and a brownie sundaes.
Good times :)


val m said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Hannah!!!!!!! Such a sweetie you are!!!I am so glad that I know you!! You did a beautiful job on your song on Sunday!!

DeAnn said...

I'm glad it went well. I understand your fear of parties! But yes, they do get easier (but not necessarily quieter) as the kids get older. I don't remember the fight at her 6th bday party--we were there, right?

Kasey Hunt said...

I like the pizza idea and bracelets.