Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Farm day

A few weeks ago we had the chance to head up north and visit a real dairy farm. My friend, Kasey, invited us all up to her parents farm, where we filled a day checking out the cows, playing games, hay-riding (?), checking out pumpkins, fishing, playing in the barn, petting animals, climbing a hay-bale mountain, and enjoying a bon-fire. Here come tons of pictures!
I think Megan looks like Legolas, from Lord of the Rings.Kasey's kids, Gibson and Stella.
Can they ever be serious?
Seeing as I don't fish, this nice boy helped teach my kids!
Hannah caught one of the biggest they'd ever seen in that small pond!
While fishing, one of the kids caught a crawfish. The Dads were wondering whether or not it would actually hurt to be pinched by the critter--Ted decided to find out. Um--it hurts. Anyone surprised?
This cow is less than a day old!
Poor Megan! She looked so cute at the farm, and then got cow poo splattered all over her nice jacket!

And that's not even half my pictures...


DeAnn said...

That place looks like heaven on earth.

Robyn said...


Kasey Hunt said...

Great pics Robyn. I look like I"m deep in thought about something! lol
I"m glad you had fun. You are welcome back anytime.

Green's said...

So fun!!!! Wish to heaven I was still in kalamazoo! thanx for sharing your pix.