Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Things that make you think...

I just read this while blog-stalking a new blog:

"Why would we (or anyone else) suddenly be tempted to sell a house into which we had invested years of effort and sacrifice? I think the answer may have more to do with mortality than with fickleness. There's something deeply chilling about thinking that you may have put your life into something like its final order. Finishing the dining room was like turning the last page of a good book: oh, no, what will we do now? As long as there is bare Sheetrock somewhere, you don't have to confront the thought that everything eventually comes to an end. I rebuilt the inside of my closet a dozen years ago, but I still haven't painted it, and very possibly never will. The closer you get your house to what you think you want it to be, the less power it has to pull you forward through life. That's why you leave the kitchen tiles ungrouted." -Excerpted from Sheetrock & Shellac: A Thinking Person's Guide to the Art and Science of Home Improvement, by David Owen.

So maybe I'll never get around to "stage 2" after all!


Kasey Hunt said...

Very well said.

Sabrina O'Malley said...

You could always be like my dad. When he runs out of ideas for his own house he starts playing with other peoples homes. :) Love the bathroom! I was so impressed with what you did with the mirror! The only idea I have would be to add some shelves to that underneath part with some cute baskets so you could keep the counter clear but it sounds like you are already thinking along those lines. Good luck with stage 2. :)