Saturday, September 11, 2010

Summer Wrap-up!

I made it! It's the last day of summer!
We finished out our summer with a few more trips to the beach (anyone surprised?) including some nasty sunburns because SOMEBODY forgot sunscreen (again). Fortunately, I was burned worse than the kids.
Our good friend Kasey hosted a Back to School party, which ended in rides on their 4-wheeler... (Hannah wants one for her birthday).

And, of course, Saturday morning games of Ultimate Frisbee, while the kids entertain themselves at the park. With good weather, there's usually a good pack of kids to keep each other busy.

And finally, we spent the morning of Labor Day on a family bike ride down the Portage occasional rain!

We also have a few home improvement projects in the works...I think Christian might have to ground me from craft blogs, because I have this tendency to see something I like and start way more projects than I can finish...(I'm currently painted molding, mod-podging letters, finishing necklaces, lusting after Fall, Halloween, and Christmas crafts I'd like to do and realizing that eventually I need to clean my house. We've lost 4 library books and a movie while I spend my free time crafting...)

Coming up...the much anticipated start of school!

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AnnaBanana said...

I miss the beach! You lucky things! Enjoy it for us before you leave it too!!!

Miss you guys!