Monday, September 13, 2010

Just for Kicks...

This Fall, we have Nathan, Rachel, and Hannah doing soccer. Hannah was a little reluctant to try it until I told her I'd buy her new shoes (cleats)...and then she was all on board. Rachel and Hannah are on the same team--the purple Wild Angels. Nathan plays on a little 5-yr-old beginners team. Both teams had their first game on Saturday, and it rained the entire time! Fortunately, the kids were excited and there were no complaints. The girls' team creamed the other team 5-1, but Nathan's team suffered a devastating loss. Or something like that. I love to see Hannah feeling more comfortable and confident with her new sport.

Let me just address a few deaf issues for a minute here. Have you ever considered how important the ability to hear is to performance on a team sport? I interpret it all for Rachel of course, but she's usually just a little behind the crowd because of the interpreting delay. And, of course, I had not idea how many soccer terms I just didn't know how to sign. I showed up for the first practice and realized I didn't know how to sign goal, goalie, defense, offense, score....all useful soccer terms. I figured know how to sign "kick" and "ball" would be sufficient...Wrong! Rachel is improving each week--she's catching on to how the game is played. She's fast, but not very coordinated and has horrible balance (balance is associated with the inner ear). At first, whenever she tried to kick the ball she'd fall over. Funny? Yeah, I thought so, too. Now, she's getting better and doesn't fall as often. I've been very pleased by how her team and included her, and are patient with her learning process. She played defense for half of Saturday's game, and enjoyed it--Hopefully with practice, she can learn a new skill!

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DeAnn said...

We're 0-3 so far. I think Karen is the most likely of our kids to make a goal this year. Her team is hilarious! I'm jealous of your 2 day a week schedule. I eat, drink, sleep soccer 5 days a week! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!