Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back to School!

We were all very ready this year for the start of school. This is how I felt after the long summer break:
Ready, but apparently clueless about how busy the school year can be. This first week back was jam-packed with activity!

We tried for 1st day of school pictures, but struggled...
There, that's better!
Hannah is in 3rd grade, Rachel is in 1st, and Nathan started afternoon Kindergarten.
On the girls' first day, I got to take Aaron and Nathan in to visit Nathan's classroom and meet his teacher. Both boys loved it, and I had a hard time convincing Aaron that he couldn't go with Nathan on the bus the next day!
We also did our yearly-ish Marking of the Growth Chart. Doesn't she look like an opinionated kid?


val m said...

I like that you have your tongue out in the first picture, just like Hannah in the last!!!! Like mother - like daughter!!!

DeAnn said...

I have no first (or any other) day of school pictures either. At least no decent ones. Oh well.