Friday, August 27, 2010

Look what I made!

You might remember a post from a few months ago about a certain baby shower I hosted for a certain friend of mine and a certain handmade growth chart I planned as a baby gift...Well, after the party fun ended, I stopped working on the growth chart, and the longer it went untouched, the more scared I was to touch it. This summer I've made a real effort to finish some projects and clear out my craft room. I must say, it wasn't easy. After working on it a bit, I got excited to finish it and in a rush, I grabbed some old varnish to protect it. I didn't have quite enough to do a complete coat, so I started scraping the bottle out and smearing the thicker, half-dried varnish on. Next thing I know, the top section of the chart was covered in a white, streaky film! Yikes! I tried a few things to fix it, but in the end, I had to repaint the top portion. But finally, after 9 months of, well, thinking about working on it and probably only a month and a half of actually working on it, it's time for the big reveal!~And here are a few close-ups, since I don't have a fancy camera and its difficult to get a good picture of the whole thing...If you're interested in trying something like this yourself, here's what I did:
I started with an inexpensive piece of MDF and had the friendly guy at the store cut it down to 3 approximately 1x4 sections. I lightly primed it, then used a blue spray paint as a base coat. The images are loosely based on a childrens book, and I spent hours looking online, through my kids' stash, and even through Barnes and Noble for images I liked. I didn't copy anything exactly--I was just looking for inspiration, and besides, its all for personal use. I painted with craft paint, but if you are comfortable mixing and using real acrylic paint, it might work better (craft paint doesn't have great coverage). I think I'll try that next time. I outlined loosely with a black sharpie, which is optional, but I think it works nicely. The numbers are spray-painted wood numbers for the craft store, and just glued on. I covered the whole thing with a clear varnish found near the craft paints at the craft store. Since this is for kids, its good to have the added protection, but it also enhances the color nicely.
So there you go! I'd love to hear if anyone out there tries this on their own!


Katie said...

This is soo cute! You have mad skillz. I am always a little envious of artistic people. Good job!

Green's said...

One project down! You are a great artist!

Kasey Hunt said...

Great artist! So cute!

A To Zebra Celebrations said...

WOW! So creative!! Great job!! Love it :)

Caroline @ Atelier Caroline said...

Love it!! The prettiest growth chart I have seen in a long time