Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cheap crafts

Last week I had another burst of interest in finishing some projects from my pile of "I'll do it later" crafts.
Most of them aren't fancy, but I'm still pleased!

First up, the girls' room. I bought a table for their room last summer from a garage sale for $5 and wanted to turn it into a desk. The original idea flopped, but this summer we built a small shelf for the table top, using only leftover pieces from other projects and pieces of their old chest of drawers, and painted it white. Its just the right size for books, and the shelf gives them a place to put all the cutesy crafts they make. Its one of those "don't look too close" type of projects, but it gave us an opportunity to try out the saw we bought for Father's Day.
Also in their room, I found some $1 clips, extra large size, from Michael's. With a little mod podge, craft paper, and Command sticky strips, they are now a cute way to hang the kids art.
One last thing in their room---Target's dollar spot had some cute plastic turn-style organizers in blue and red. I spray painted it dark pink to match the girl's room and its great for containing all their art stuff.
Have you seen those cute Scrabble-tile necklaces that are all-over blogland? I wanted to give them a try. Rather than tear apart my Scrabble game (which we rarely use), I found wood pieces at the craft store, mod-podged with craft paper, and covered with Paper-glaze (a thick, clear glue that dries with a glass-like finish). I made a bunch, and they are interchangable on the chain.
Oh, and see how the picture is completely off center? I fixed that, too.


Kasey Hunt said...

Great job Robyn.

Jennie and Adam said...

I love your projects--especially the desk in the girls'room! I need that same burst of energy :)

DeAnn said...

Where's a link to the Scrabble letter thing? Cute stuff--good work, Robyn.

Annette Sugiyama said...

Robyn, you're my hero. I am basically IN LOVE with those necklaces! We MUST get together so you can show me how it's done!

Mod Podge Amy said...

Such great projects! I love.

Nancy said...

You are so creative! And even better, your stuff always looks good.