Friday, July 16, 2010


Our family spent the 4th of July weekend in Ohio, visiting the cousins and touring Kirtland. We love living so close to family! (But the short drive seemed to take much longer than it should this time...) My two nieces, Megan and Natalie, and brother-in-law, Jonathan, are participating in a play, This Is Kirtland, which plays for 3 weeks this summer, just down the street from the Kirtland temple, and tells the story of the church in Kirtland. We had a babysitter for the younger tykes and got to watch the play Saturday night. After church on Sunday, we visited some of the church history sites in Kirtland, including the Morley farm (Megan plays Elizabeth Morley in the play), the Whitney store and surrounding homes and businesses (the flowers were amazing), and walked around the temple and nearby cemetary.(We think this is the grave stone for Joseph and Emma's twins, who died while in Kirtland)

We were there too late to actually go in the temple this time, and wondered about paying the $3 per person "required donation." I wish the church owned the temple property--I was sad to see the cracks and disrepair, and the Church always does so well preserving historical sites. The temple itself is beautiful, and I am amazed at the early Saints ability to build it. I think this was the first Rachel showed some understanding of church history, and it was exciting to see that and actually be able to explain things to her!
That night we watched fireworks, despite some very tired kids.
On Monday, we practiced ultimate frisbee for a while, before DeAnn and I headed out to watch New Moon. Its so fun to watch a movie like that with DeAnn--she's been my movie buddy lately! That afternoon we went to their outdoor YMCA, which has an amazing outdoor pool facility with slides and a kiddie area. Hannah was brave enough to go down the twisty slide, and I was proud of her.

Good times!

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DeAnn said...

I want copies of your pictures! We should be better about downloading each other's pictures when we travel. Thanks for coming!!!