Wednesday, June 2, 2010

You gotta try this...

Every time I pull out my crock pot, I remember how much I like it... and how I really ought to use it more than I do. It is so much friendlier to make dinner in the morning--afternoons are crazy. Anyway, I thought I'd share with you one of my favorite uses for my crock pot.

Shredded chicken. Its handy to have, but annoying to make every time you need it. It's not groundbreaking, but I like to cook up a batch of chicken in the crock pot to freeze in usable portion sizes for use in burritos, casseroles, or enchiladas.Here's what I do:

I put 5-6 chicken breasts in the pot with a chopped onion, some green pepper, some canned green chilies, and season salt and pepper. After it cooks all day (6-8ish hours), I shred it using 2 forks and freeze it in quart size bags.

Easy, right? Yes. Now go try it.

(Note: This doesn't replace the canned chicken I posted about last January. Canned chicken is great, doesn't require a freezer, and is super easy. It does, however, have a tendency to shred too finely. I like it in soups and chicken salad and use the frozen chicken for burritos and casseroles)

My favorite thing to make with shredded chicken is enchiladas. They are the one dish I could make with confidence prior to getting married. Over the years, Christian and I have tweaked my recipe a bit, but they're still based on my original (which maybe isn't that original, but its pretty dang good). The problem I have with restaurant enchiladas is that they are dry. They never have nearly enough sauce. So--mine are saucy.

I use a portion of my shredded chicken, add a can of enchilada sauce (the next step is to make my own...), and a heafty handful of cheese. I like to use a shredded blend of 4 cheese, to make it easy.
Next, I prep a 9x13 pan with Pam. Spoon a moderate amount of chicken stuff into a tortilla, wrap and lay in the pan. I can usually fit 10-ish in a pan. Then I cover with another can of sauce. Hannah wanted to help with this part. She drizzled--I told her to use more. She drizzled more--I took over and dumped the whole can in, using my hands to make sure all the tortillas were covered. Yes, I washed my hands first. And after. Then I top the whole thing with a generous layer of cheese (cheese is such a good thing). I bake the whole thing for 30 minutes or so, or until the top is nice and bubbly. If cheese is a good thing, bubbly cheese is...a really, really good thing.
I forgot to take an "after" picture until after we started eating. Sorry about that.

I serve them with green salad and cheesy, tomato-y rice--as if the enchiladas didn't have enough carbs as it is!

I'd include nutritional info, but I don't want to scare you off. :)

Anyway, not 100% original, but simply good eats.

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DeAnn said...

You'll have to try the chicken in my taquito recipe on my dinner blog.