Sunday, June 13, 2010

So far, so good

We're one week into summer vacation, and so far it's a very busy time. It has also been very stormy and muggy (we even heard the tornado sirens last weekend), and I really hope it dries out soon.Hannah's last day of school was one day earlier than Rachel's, because her old school is being torn down. So on Friday, I had 3 kids home while Rachel had her last day. I took the kids to the park to play, and we ended up having a pretty cool experience. The park is near a lake, and nearly every time we go, there are men there with their fishing poles. This time, one guy was teaching his grandson to fish, and let me kids try it out. Aaron was pretty brave about touching the fish, and even got to hold one and throw it back in the lake (I'm pretty sure these fish wouldn't make a good dinner). Nathan was a little shy, but both Hannah and Aaron got to reel in a fish.
I always have a hard time deciding what to do for the kid's teachers. I'm so grateful for all they do, but Rachel has a lot of teachers/interpreters/helpers, and I can't do something nice for all of them. This year I made little gift bags with some Bath and Body Works lotions (the super-small size, $1 each) and chocolates. I think they're pretty cute. I sent Rachel to school with 10 little bags for her teachers...Unfortunately, she tried to give them to her friends and I got a call from her school about it. Oops.

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DeAnn said...

LOL about Rachel giving away her teacher gifts. I totally dropped the ball this year on that. Oh well. Hopefully they got enough "stuff" from other kids.