Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cousin catch -up

We had a fun visit from the cousins last week. Its always fun to pack the bedroom full of kids and let them entertain each other during the day. Some highlights from this trip:

*Despite super-muggy weather, we ventured out to the park...where we sat around, wishing it wasn't so muggy.

*We planned a picnic lunch, but just as we started making lunches, the rain came down hard, so we let the kids eat in the basement. Later we took them for a treat at Culvers--the other Green family's favorite.

*The girls watched StarStruck over and over and over...its a Disney flick, and they loved it.

*We pulled out the slip 'n slide, which the big kids enjoyed, and the little kids enjoyed watching.
*The kids found some craft clay and made pots (they wanted to sell them online). Thinking they had used Sculpey, I baked them and they completely melted. Fortunately, I had some real Sculpey in my craft room, and they re-made the bowls and successfully baked them.

*Isaac ran away from his mother and was later found walking home from the pond across the street (He's 2 yrs old).

*DeAnn and read books, watched Dear John, talked about the fun things we could do with the kids if we were more motivated, and ate cookie sundaes...Yum!

*Christian took Natalie, Megan, and Hannah to the local mini-golf place for a Daddy/Uncle date, where they rode bumper cars, did a lazer maze, and played a round of mini-golf. Afterwards, they had ice cream at our favorite place, Ritters.
*And, perhaps the most exciting thing, we learned what happens when you leave 2 two-yr-old boys unattended with a bucket of Moon Sand and some water. They managed the coats a table, much of our carpet and some of the walls with the purple mess. I was actually in the room at the time, but I was using the computer and I didn't notice what they were up to until they started throwing it at me.


Kasey Hunt said...

Will your carpets survive? Boys will be boys!!!

DeAnn said...

That was a fun time. Moon sand and all.

Adam Green said...

So, I'm glad we missed the moon sand, but the rest sounds so fun!

Robyn said...

It actually cleaned up really well, and we were painting anyway, so the walls are fine now...but there is still a purple film on the carpet. :)