Sunday, June 6, 2010

Are you game?

Have I mentioned before that I really love where we live?
We get to spend a lot of time playing with cool people. Last Fall, Christian started up an Ultimate Frisbee game with some friends and friends of friends. It has become a pretty regular thing every Saturday morning, regardless of rain, snow, or sun. Last weekend was my first chance to go--we got a babysitter to watch the kids at the nearby park so I could play. So Much Fun! We played again the following Monday morning (Memorial Day) and I got a few pictures.
The group varies, but it usually includes some of our friends from the ward, a few students from the area, the local missionaries, and sometimes some college kids down from Lansing (friends of friends who play). Frisbee games have played a huge part in Christian's weight loss--it really is an awesome work out, especially, when they play for a couple of hours.

The kids got a little crazy while we played...Anyone interested in joining us? And be forewarned==if you visit us over a weekend, Christian will rope you into playing.


Kasey Hunt said...

I'm game. Sounds like fun!

Marcy said...

Wish we lived close enough...