Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Words of wisdom (or something like it) from my dear hubby:

"All I want in a boss is someone who will let me do what I want, and who will do what I want when I want him to do it."

There, now, doesn't that sound perfect?

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Special helpers

Here's Rachel helping make bread. She's actually a pretty good helper in the kitchen
Here she is scooping cookies on the cookie sheets.
Just for fun, can you tell the difference between this picture and the next one?
(One difference is the appearance of another special helper; another difference is that this particular helper is more interested in eating)

Friday, June 25, 2010


I am putting together a new blog for my kids--It will provide kid friendly links to games, videos, and a playlist. I am making it for my kids, so they can have access to internet material without browsing on their own and wandering onto inappropriate sites. It is a work in progress, and mainly for my kids, and it will be completely private. If you are interested in checking it out, here is the link. You can access it for a few days until I make it private. Then, if you are interested, e-mail me and I can give you access. Just wanted to let you know what I am working on!

Fantastic 5

Guess who's 5? This year he shared the big day with Father's Day, so we celebrated a day early. We spent the morning doing our usual game of Ultimate Frisbee, and Nathan played with a friend at the park. Then we came home for presents, which included....a bike! Which is awesome, because lately he has been using Rachel's, and we thought it was time for him to ride something that isn't pink. After some time testing out the new bike, we took the kids to Toy Story 3. We almost never take the kids to the movie theater, but they did really well, and I completely loved the movie. Probably the best I've seen all year. That night we have a Toy Story themed cake.Nathan is a sunny, happy kid--He makes friends easily and is probably the most likely of all my kids to spontaneously give me a hug. I can't believe he's old enough for Kindergarten! He was only a few months old when we left Utah...

Here are a few of my favorite picts through the years...

Lake Michigan

Last week we took a last minute trip to Lake Michigan...and decided that we need to make it a regularly scheduled part of our summer vacation! Its less than an hour away, and the water was warm(ish), the sand was great, and the kids are turning out to be much better swimmers than I gave them credit for. We went with our friends the Rowleys--we need to do it again!
The coolest thing was that as we finished up, a storm came in. We could literally see the water change, and there was a line straight across the sky where the clouds turned black. The wind was pretty bad, and we all ducked into a Dairy Queen during the worst of it.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Real Estate

I go to the Parade of Homes every year-- I love it! Usually it happens around my birthday, so I get to go for a special birthday treat. The best one is probably Washington, where they do a Street of Dreams--one street, 5 homes, all multi-million dollar places. Very cool. Utah has a nice one, too. I like to see the nice places I might one day own, but I also really like to see the ridiculous ones, too.
I really liked this year's Parade, enough that I took some pictures even though I wasn't supposed to, and thought I'd share them with you.

Imagine coming home to this every day...
And once you go inside...
Such a sweet little girl's room...just add furniture.

This was one of my favorites...not because I liked it, but because it was so over-the-top gaudy.
Every wall was bright red, blue, teal; every room had a different floor covering, and I found it highly entertaining.
A pretty snazzy basement family room...
And some very nice street appeal...
This one isn't a Parade home, but I thought it was completely adorable.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cousin catch -up

We had a fun visit from the cousins last week. Its always fun to pack the bedroom full of kids and let them entertain each other during the day. Some highlights from this trip:

*Despite super-muggy weather, we ventured out to the park...where we sat around, wishing it wasn't so muggy.

*We planned a picnic lunch, but just as we started making lunches, the rain came down hard, so we let the kids eat in the basement. Later we took them for a treat at Culvers--the other Green family's favorite.

*The girls watched StarStruck over and over and over...its a Disney flick, and they loved it.

*We pulled out the slip 'n slide, which the big kids enjoyed, and the little kids enjoyed watching.
*The kids found some craft clay and made pots (they wanted to sell them online). Thinking they had used Sculpey, I baked them and they completely melted. Fortunately, I had some real Sculpey in my craft room, and they re-made the bowls and successfully baked them.

*Isaac ran away from his mother and was later found walking home from the pond across the street (He's 2 yrs old).

*DeAnn and read books, watched Dear John, talked about the fun things we could do with the kids if we were more motivated, and ate cookie sundaes...Yum!

*Christian took Natalie, Megan, and Hannah to the local mini-golf place for a Daddy/Uncle date, where they rode bumper cars, did a lazer maze, and played a round of mini-golf. Afterwards, they had ice cream at our favorite place, Ritters.
*And, perhaps the most exciting thing, we learned what happens when you leave 2 two-yr-old boys unattended with a bucket of Moon Sand and some water. They managed the coats a table, much of our carpet and some of the walls with the purple mess. I was actually in the room at the time, but I was using the computer and I didn't notice what they were up to until they started throwing it at me.

Monday, June 14, 2010


I walked into Rachel's room around bedtime the other day and found her hanging out...Just a quick announcement--After spending a rather long day at the hospital last week, we learned that Rachel is due for another surgery (this will be #5). She has a cholesteatoma, or a skin growth in her inner ear, and it has to be taken out. Actually, there are 2. We'll keep you posted about when and how it goes. I'm not very excited, at all, but it should be simple and it has to be done. There is always a chance that the operation will affect her implant, which worries me, but she has good doctors, and I'm going to trust them.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

So far, so good

We're one week into summer vacation, and so far it's a very busy time. It has also been very stormy and muggy (we even heard the tornado sirens last weekend), and I really hope it dries out soon.Hannah's last day of school was one day earlier than Rachel's, because her old school is being torn down. So on Friday, I had 3 kids home while Rachel had her last day. I took the kids to the park to play, and we ended up having a pretty cool experience. The park is near a lake, and nearly every time we go, there are men there with their fishing poles. This time, one guy was teaching his grandson to fish, and let me kids try it out. Aaron was pretty brave about touching the fish, and even got to hold one and throw it back in the lake (I'm pretty sure these fish wouldn't make a good dinner). Nathan was a little shy, but both Hannah and Aaron got to reel in a fish.
I always have a hard time deciding what to do for the kid's teachers. I'm so grateful for all they do, but Rachel has a lot of teachers/interpreters/helpers, and I can't do something nice for all of them. This year I made little gift bags with some Bath and Body Works lotions (the super-small size, $1 each) and chocolates. I think they're pretty cute. I sent Rachel to school with 10 little bags for her teachers...Unfortunately, she tried to give them to her friends and I got a call from her school about it. Oops.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

According to Aaron

We took Nathan to get a pre-Kindergarten vision and hearing check. He was very worried whether or not he would need shots (he didn't). That conversation revealed that, according to Aaron:

shots: pokes
doctors that give shots: polk-a-doctors

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Are you game?

Have I mentioned before that I really love where we live?
We get to spend a lot of time playing with cool people. Last Fall, Christian started up an Ultimate Frisbee game with some friends and friends of friends. It has become a pretty regular thing every Saturday morning, regardless of rain, snow, or sun. Last weekend was my first chance to go--we got a babysitter to watch the kids at the nearby park so I could play. So Much Fun! We played again the following Monday morning (Memorial Day) and I got a few pictures.
The group varies, but it usually includes some of our friends from the ward, a few students from the area, the local missionaries, and sometimes some college kids down from Lansing (friends of friends who play). Frisbee games have played a huge part in Christian's weight loss--it really is an awesome work out, especially, when they play for a couple of hours.

The kids got a little crazy while we played...Anyone interested in joining us? And be forewarned==if you visit us over a weekend, Christian will rope you into playing.