Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hello, hello

Poor, neglected blog. I need to take a break every once in a while...or just get lazy. Whatever the excuse, we have actually been quite busy, so here's a little update.

For St Patty's Day, Hannah wore all green. She likes to do this anyway, but I try to dissuade her from wearing all green on regular days. Hannah was so excited for warm weather, she tried to wear shorts despite the cold by layering them over pants and wearing 4 shirts to keep warm.

I'm working on transforming the kids' bathroom from hearts with gray/purple walls to monsters--here's a shot of it halfway completed...We spent a windy Monday evening last week teaching the kids how to fly a kite......Until this happened...


val m said...

I hear you on the blog!! I just looked at my camera and it has over 300 pictures that I need to download - I am really behind!!! I love the kite activity!

Joyous said...

That shorts-over-pants picture is going to be a classic in family legend.

The kite activity looks so happy. :)