Sunday, April 25, 2010

Crafting and Conference

I'm going to have to add my blog to the "people who should blog more often" tab on the side of my blog! I just downloaded a bunch of pictures from my camera, reminding me just how much I haven't blogged about.

Here are a few things:

Conference weekend! I know I mentioned having family in town, which was great--but I didn't post my favorite pictures.
I don't know how you all do Conference, but its a struggle for us to watch with 4--or 8!--kids running around. This year, I listened to Conference while cleaning out my fridge on Saturday, but on Sunday we set up 2 computers (one with the regular broadcast, one with the ASL interpreting) and turned around the couches, like a theater. The kids were set up with candy, crayons, and Conference booklets, and they did remarkably well.While DeAnn was here, we decided to try out some of the crafty ideas we'd seen on our favorite crafty blogs. We made a quick stop at the local Goodwill, and then went to 3 stores until we found the special "oil-rubbed bronze" spray paint mentioned by the Thrifty Decor Chic. While the guys went to Priesthood sessions, we primed and painted our stuff--2 vases, and 2 iron-like wall thingies. The kids were a little too curious and broke one of the vases, but I think the other things turned out well. Here's mine!So, I promised Christian I would finish 2 projects last week (and before I started anything new). It was something of a struggle, because I had set aside projects I wasn't in love with, waiting for inspiration to hit. I worked my way through it. One thing I worked on was finishing the detail painting in the kids' bathroom, but I won't post pictures until its fully accessorized. I took a bit of a risk with the color, and I'm not completely in love with it, which is why the project stalled. Still, I decided to finish it as it is before I decide what needs to change. So more to come on that, later.

I did, however, finish a hairbow holder I stared a few weeks ago. I got the idea from blog that is really more of a compilation of other blog ideas. Basically, it is a picture frame with ribbon or chicken wire in place of a picture. I intended to use chicken wire, but struggle getting it attached (a staple gun would have worked...didn't have one), so I used ribbon instead. The ribbon is hot-glued, and the backing is mod podged-scrapbook paper.
For the frame, I used a finish technique mentioned on I first painted the frame a bright blue. Then, I spray painted a few coats of white over it. With a fine grit sandpaper, I lightly sanded off the white paint from the edges, letting the blue show through. When I liked the look, I covered it with a few coats of polyurethane, mostly because it will hang in the bathroom and I wanted it protected. I hung it from the regular picture frame hook, but hot glued a ribbon to the top and hung that on a small nail.
I kind of want to do another one, just to try it with chicken wire, so see which way I like better.

More to come! I'm aiming to finish 2 more projects this week...but I might start one, too. :)


DeAnn said...

It's cute! I love the vase/flower too--sad that mine broke. But it was only 50 cents. :) Can't wait to see the bathroom.

val m said...

Conference can be really tricky!! I am glad you found a way to make it work for you! I love watching it as a family! Cute projects!! Doesn't it feel wonderful to create!!! Looks great!

Jennie and Adam said...

Congrats on finishing those projects! I'm definitely in the camp that if the project isn't turning out how I thought it would, it quickly gets pushed to the back burner and abandoned. I love the bow holder!

Kasey Hunt said...

Bow holder turned out great!!

AnnaBanana said...

I love the bow holder. I need some inspiration for my kids rooms. They've been mostly ignore. I think I might need to make one too!