Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm alive! I promise!

I know, I know...its been nearly two weeks since my last post, and we really do have a lot going on, but none of it is ready for a finished post. I am redoing the kids' bathroom and Christian is helping me build a table to for our entry hall. Hopefully I'll have pictures of both projects by this weekend.
Unfortunately, I have also had to deal with migraines this week. I don't generally have problems with headaches, but they're getting bad and they're really slowing me down. So, again, hopefully by this week I'll be done with this, too.
More to come!


Kasey Hunt said...

Projects are fun! Can't wait to see the final product. Headaches are the worst. I hope they are gone by now!

DeAnn said...

Can't wait to see it--we'll be there in person in a week and a day!

Amy said...

When I read that you weren't feeling well, I immediately thought "I need to take dinner to them!" Then I remembered that I live 2185.2 miles away (or 31 hrs and 58 minutes if you prefer). I hope you feel better soon!