Sunday, February 7, 2010

Things that go {bump} in the night~

Our little Aaron is a funny kid. I sort of forgot that he isn't a baby anymore. He's actually growing up! My first clue should have been the complete sentences, unprompted "please-and-thank-you's", and his ability to watch an entire full-length Disney movie. Anyway, I thought it might be time to switch him to a toddler bed. We did the switch about a week ago. I was shocked--he stayed put! I guess he really is growing up! He doesn't even fight me at nap time--he loves his new bed. We've discovered one little problem, though.
Aaron is a pacifier boy, but he also likes to soothe himself by rocking himself to sleep. He'll lay on his front with his knees under him and rock. He especially likes to bump him head against something (which is why the front of his hair is often a tangled mess). In his crib it didn't matter too much because of the bumper--we'd hear the squeak of the crib frame as he rocked, but it wasn't bad. Now he likes to bump his head against the wall, or wooden bed frame. Since putting him in his new bed, he wakes us up every morning, and sometimes through the night, with a loud, and somewhat painful sounding, bump, bump bump... (And yeah, we've tried surrounding his bed with extra blankets or pillows, putting padding between the bed and wall...but still he finds a way.)
Not too long before he starts putting a dent in the wall!


Kasey Hunt said...

that is funny. I hope he continues to not get hurt!!

DeAnn said...

We need to move Isaac out of his crib--he still does so well that I hate to give it up. But he has the bunk beds in his new room--and with the crib too it's a little crowded.

I hope Aaron's head is OK. :)