Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bloody Monday

We had quite a bit of blood flowing on Monday (I know, aren't you glad I'm sharing?)

The boys have a sports class at the YMCA every Monday, which they love, but last Monday Aaron feel on his way to class, splitting his lower lip, and then fell again during class, cutting his top lip. Poor guy! What a way to end his class! Even aside from a whole lot of blood, his lips became very swollen--he looked like a little birdy with a very red beak!
Nathan still had a great time. Daddy took a break from work to watch Nathan play, and afterwards, we got to go to lunch together! Fun times!
That afternoon, amid another wrestling match between the kids, Hannah lost her 3rd tooth...and now has quite the gap!


DeAnn said...

Poor kid--he is all swollen. At least he was happy at the end of the day!!

Kasey Hunt said...

Poor kid! He a tough cookie! I'm sure he'll bounce right back. What do you do for the tooth fairy?