Saturday, January 2, 2010

Crazy Week

The day after Christmas, Christian's two older brothers came into town with their families--we hosted 18 people in our house! We had a blast! There were 12 kids, ranging in age from 10-3, and they mostly play very well together, so we had a great time. But yeah, it could get a little crazy!
On Saturday, we celebrated my niece, Megan's, 8th birthday.On Monday, we took the kids to the AirZoo, and I think the Daddy's had as good a time as any of the kids. That evening, we arranged for 4 babysitters to come watch the kids so we could go on a group date. ( I felt a little sorry for the babysitters--when we came home, they said that the bigger kids "wrestled" with the youngest babysitter and locked her in a room!) We had dinner at Red Robin, and then spent over an hour playing lazer tag--so fun! I've only played once before, but it was a blast!The next day was "Girl's Day"--we went to see Have You Heard About the Morgans, and hung out at Barnes and Noble, comparing our favorite books (book post to come). The next day was "Guy Day", and they played computer games and ultimate frisbey.
We enjoyed our kid-free evenings playing games, Wii, eating chocolate chip cookies with caramel ice cream, reading books (Mysterious Benedict Society, Peter and the Starcatchers, etc.). The women-folk also went to the YMCA together a few times...enough to make me painfully sore. I enjoy working out, and tend to think I'm in decent workout-shape until I do a new workout...but I enjoyed having friends to exercise with!
For New Years' Eve, we ate way too much food, let the kids stay up way too late, and I ended up going to bed 10 minutes before the New Year!The Dad's supervised a game of Sardines--here are a few of the kids, hiding in the bathtub.I love it that my kids are good friends with their cousins, and I love it that I married into a family with such fun people. We're already planning the next event--thankfully, it gets easier to have that many people together as the kids get older!

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