Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas '09

This tree looks a little like I feel right now--a little tired, ready to move on to the next thing (a box for the tree, a new year for me), but with lots of good memories. We had a wonderful Christmas season this year!We spent Christmas Eve with our friends, the Johnsons, for our yearly tradition of caroling and giving treats to friends and neighbors. The icy weather kept us from getting to everyone we wanted to see, but I love sharing the holidays with friends. And I love baking and giving away what I bake. We enjoyed our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of burgers, fries, and rice pudding, before singing carols as a family and acting out the Christmas story (featuring Aaron as Mary, with a toy dog stuffed down his shirt, riding on Rachel the donkey).Christmas morning was nice and low-key. We actually woke up before the kids and enjoyed a day of play, calling family, and resting. A few highlights--Christian enlisted the help of some friends in our ward to help him make aprons for the whole family. He didn't use a pattern, as usual, and designed little felt shapes for each of us. Totally awesome! Also, we gave the boys a HotWheels race track/jump, but spent Christmas Eve trying to put it together and couldn't figure out how to get the car to stay on the track through both loops! I was so tempted to run to the store that night and get a different toy--but since all the stores were closed, we had to make due with a dysfunctional toy. Also, I forgot batteries for the boys' trains. I felt kind of bad for them. Otherwise, though, a great day. I think the kids had a great Christmas, and I loved seeing them play so well together!

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