Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Earning room and board

Don't think for a moment that our time in Boston was all fun and games...Jennie put us to work! She and her mother had the week packed full of projects. First we stacked wood for their fireplace...
...Then we canned chicken and veggie soup (anyone interested in a preservation party? I think maybe after the holidays)Don't they look pretty?

...Christian insisted on making his own birthday cake--a black forest cake, consisting of chocolate cake, mousse, whip cream, and strawberries. Amazing!
...After cooking for Thanksgiving (which I don't have photos of) we helped decorate for Christmas. I learned how to make a beautiful bow for Jennie's wreaths (and I only had to redo it 7 times before I got it right!)
Thanks again for a fun trip, other Greens!


Kasey Hunt said...

Beautiful wreath!!

val m said...

Sign me up for the preservation party!! Looks like a fun time!

Adam Green said...

I love my bows! Thanks :-).