Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas cuteness

What've we been up to?
Aside from the mad-scramble to finish homemade gifts and goodies, we made 18 doz rolls for church this week (good thing we like making bread!) and enjoyed the new snow a bit.
Christian wanted to try out Gingerbread houses this year--the kids had a blast (and a sugar high), and ours is a very promising work in progress.
And more cuteness, just because.


DeAnn said...

We are counting down the days til we come. Michigan seems to be more exciting than Christmas to my kids. :)

val m said...

Cute houses! Thanks for making all of those rolls!!! You are amazing!

Kasey Hunt said...

You have been a busy family. Enjoy your Christmas this year!

Sherilyn said...

Very cute. Merry Christmas!