Friday, December 25, 2009

I'm taking some time while the kids play with their Christmas haul to update my blog. I've added some new friends to my bloglist, and I started labeling the blog posts so they are easier to search (although it will take me a while to get to all of them). Why, you ask, would you want to search my blog? Mostly because I have some fabulous recipes posted throughout, or you might be interested in Rachel's story and her deaf issues, but also--because I'm realizing as I read through all my old posts, that this blog is pretty funny...occassionally. You have to search for it. Maybe I should label the funny ones for ya'll--like a laugh-track.
But seriously, I've had some people ask for recipes (brownies, anyone?) and they are now under the food label.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas cuteness

What've we been up to?
Aside from the mad-scramble to finish homemade gifts and goodies, we made 18 doz rolls for church this week (good thing we like making bread!) and enjoyed the new snow a bit.
Christian wanted to try out Gingerbread houses this year--the kids had a blast (and a sugar high), and ours is a very promising work in progress.
And more cuteness, just because.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to announce that Christian earned his green belt. work, that it. Apparently green belt is a type of engineer certification (and its a big deal).

When he told Hannah, she said he was too old for karate!

Yay for Christian!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Home-made Christmas

Its always a debate whether or not to post about my home-made Christmas projects, since some of them will be gifts for people who might read this, but I've found some really cute things that I think are worth sharing...and I'm kind of pleased with what I'm working on.
Oh, and my craft room is a mess. (This is actually after I cleaned up...)

I'm making church bags for the kids and a tote for a gift from this tutorial (for the church bags, I adjusted the measurements to make them small enough)
For teacher gifts, the kids and I are making these adorable half-eaten gingerbread men (made with felt, not half-eaten gingerbread). (tutorial here)
I'm also helping Hannah make a bunch of felt flower hair clips for her friends at school--they cost almost nothing and are very cute and simple to make. (tutorial here)
Also...speaking of felt...a few years ago I made this snowman advent calendar with pockets for each day leading up to Christmas. Last year we decided that rather than put one piece of candy in each pocket (and have the kids fight over it...brilliant), we'd schedule out all the things we like or need to do for Christmas, write them on little slips of paper, and put one in each pocket. That way, we make sure that we have something Christmas-y to do each day, we get to the things we want to do (like make Christmas cards, mail packages, and go caroling) to make it feel like the holiday season. And--my kids get enough junk food without a candy calendar.
One more felt thing...a few years ago, wanting a garland for my tree but not wanting to spend money, I decided to try a felt alternative...I cut out a ton of small felt circles in red, green, white, yellow/gold, in varying sizes, and sewed them together in a line with a zig zag stitch. I think they look pretty cute on our tree (I've added more each year), and would look very cute as a garland to pretty-up a kid's room for the holidays!
I also made this mini-quilt for Christian (he requested it) since we recently replaced our bright quilt with fuzzy-wuzzies with a new, super soft duvet cover from a certain outlet in MA...he missed the fuzzy-wuzzies (this is his Christmas present).
And one adorable girl will be getting this skirt, although I wish I could keep it for myself...(I wanted to get Aaron to model it, but put him to bed instead...maybe I'll have to do it tomorrow)
I'm also up to my ears in wood and plaster ornaments (the cheap kind from Michaels), trying desperately to get everything done so I can enjoy the holidays season...and I alternate between feeling completely stressed about everything left to do and enjoying the process!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Earning room and board

Don't think for a moment that our time in Boston was all fun and games...Jennie put us to work! She and her mother had the week packed full of projects. First we stacked wood for their fireplace...
...Then we canned chicken and veggie soup (anyone interested in a preservation party? I think maybe after the holidays)Don't they look pretty?

...Christian insisted on making his own birthday cake--a black forest cake, consisting of chocolate cake, mousse, whip cream, and strawberries. Amazing!
...After cooking for Thanksgiving (which I don't have photos of) we helped decorate for Christmas. I learned how to make a beautiful bow for Jennie's wreaths (and I only had to redo it 7 times before I got it right!)
Thanks again for a fun trip, other Greens!

Thankful for MA

(Jumping with joy)
We are very thankful that we are done with Christian's MULA (mandatory unpaid leave of absense) and thankful that we could spend the week with his brother, Adam, and family (well, mostly the family...Adam had to work like most normal people). We are thankful that they put us to work stacking wood for their fireplace, teaching us how to can chicken and soup (and thankful that Jennie canned applesauce for me!), and thankful that the kids got to play with their cousin-friends (as Nathan called them). We are also thankful that our nephew, Jacob, was baptized, (Oh, wait, that's Joshua...Let me try again)(Yup, that's Jacob)(can you count how many Green boys are in this picture?)
and that we could spend a few days with Grandpa and Bethany and Mom and Pop Johanson.

We are also very thankful that we got to spend a day in Maine! With unbelievable good weather for November, we played on the rocky beach, enjoyed a picnic and played some ultimate frisbey, and finished off the day with some outlet shopping in Kittery. Oh, and we also visited Stonewall Kitchen, which is this amazing gourmet food-stuff store (with samples). And I'm thankful to be able to add 2 states (New Hampshire, Maine) to my list of states visited.(Well, at least we tried...)
Oh, and I'm thankful that I could spend an afternoon walking all over Cambridge (in the rain) chatting with my dear friend and old roommate, Sherilyn