Saturday, November 28, 2009

'Tis the season for lots of blog posts

It that time of year...time to blog about cute family photos, Christmas crafts, food, travels, I better get started!

Hannah started piano lessons a few weeks ago, and she has her first recital next week. She is doing very well, and surprises me by actually practicing regularly. A week or two after she started, I got a call from her teacher--a friend of ours wanted to de-clutter her living room by getting rid of her piano! That's the kind of de-cluttering I can help with. It took a bit of effort and three guys to get it over here, and the fun thing is that it actually makes my living room look bigger! We're so excited to have a real piano, especially for Christmas. Christian and I both play somewhat, but most of what I can play are Christmas songs!

I've declared this coming week craft week so I can get all my handmade gifts ready for mailing and giving, but before we left for our Thanksgiving/last MULA week, I made two skirts for Hannah. She had 2 shirts she rarely wore, and needed something new for church. I used are really simple pattern, and I think they're pretty cute. She liked them so much, she wore one to school!
(the very green girls...)

For now, I'm working on getting the house cleaned and ready for decorations...hopefully the tree will go up next week!


Kasey Hunt said...

Great job Robyn!! Looks great.

DeAnn said...

I LOVE the piano!! It looks fantastic. I can't wait to see it in person.

Nancy said...

How great to have a piano. Your house looks so nice. They are lucky to have a "creativity-addicted" mom like you.

Katie said...

the skirts are super cute! is there a pattern online for that?

val m said...

Yea!!! A free piano - awesome! I love the skirts!