Saturday, November 28, 2009

Leaves (aka, child labor)

Before the snow comes, I ought to show ya'll just how much we enjoyed the leaves and gorgeous, warm fall weather:

'Tis the season for lots of blog posts

It that time of year...time to blog about cute family photos, Christmas crafts, food, travels, I better get started!

Hannah started piano lessons a few weeks ago, and she has her first recital next week. She is doing very well, and surprises me by actually practicing regularly. A week or two after she started, I got a call from her teacher--a friend of ours wanted to de-clutter her living room by getting rid of her piano! That's the kind of de-cluttering I can help with. It took a bit of effort and three guys to get it over here, and the fun thing is that it actually makes my living room look bigger! We're so excited to have a real piano, especially for Christmas. Christian and I both play somewhat, but most of what I can play are Christmas songs!

I've declared this coming week craft week so I can get all my handmade gifts ready for mailing and giving, but before we left for our Thanksgiving/last MULA week, I made two skirts for Hannah. She had 2 shirts she rarely wore, and needed something new for church. I used are really simple pattern, and I think they're pretty cute. She liked them so much, she wore one to school!
(the very green girls...)

For now, I'm working on getting the house cleaned and ready for decorations...hopefully the tree will go up next week!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


When we decide to do something, it has to be big, fun, and involved. Our friend Preston has designated November "Pie-month"--his goal is to make a pie every day this month. We got to sample a few of his pies, and then Christian wanted to get in on the fun. What started as a few guys getting together to make pies while the women-folk attended a Relief Society meeting, turned into 8 adults (6 kids) making 16 pies of various kinds in 4-ish hours. We made 2 each of 3 kinds of banana cream pies, 3 chocolate mousse pies, 4 types of fruit pies, 2 buttermilk pies, and 1 "leftover" pie (i.e. throw anything I can find in the pantry into the extra pie pan).
Some of us were more experienced than others. Quentin was the designated banana-cutter/football game updater
Julianne taught us how to make pretty pie-edges, and introduced us to the buttermilk pie, which is now one of my favorites.She also made a fabulous meringue.
Her husband was the self-designated dish washer (which was great, because after such a crazy day, I probably would have gone to bed without cleaning anything).Preston tackled the banana cream pies, with Annette as his sous chef...

About an hour into it, Annette told us that she didn't really like banana cream pie...(but we do, so thanks for the effort!)

Rachel helped apply the egg wash to one berry pies and helped decorate the tops...The pie-ladies:
The finished pies:
(I know what you're only count 15! The chocolate mess in the silver bowl was once a chocolate mousse pie, but we dropped it...and served it to the kids)

The pie-dudes:

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Was Halloween really a week ago?!
So--I tried to go simple with costumes. The kids wore costumes from last year, or hand-me-downs. Rachel always wants to be a princess, fairy, or fairy princess, and every one of our kids has worn the little tiger suit I got at Hannah's baby shower (thanks, Megan!). Nathan wore the same super-hero costume I made for him last year.Daddy wanted something to replace his old Tigger suit. Thursday night I ran to the fabric store and while looking at some hot pink fleece, I had an inspiration! We spent the next 8 hours, until 4:00 am Friday morning, making Daddy into Rachel's pink bear. He won the Trunk or Treat costume contest, by the way. Rachel thought he was pretty silly--and cuddly.At Hannah's school, she walked in a costume parade and got to carry the sign for her class. Walking next to her in this picture is her teacher, who is dressed as a Jonas brother.I love my neighborhood, and I think its perfect for trick-or-treating. Christian doesn't like "begging for candy" (I think its a Green-thing--he never went as a kid), so I took the kids. I love it that we know so many people in our neighborhood, that everyone Hannahs sees is a friend, and that it is the perfect size for trick-or-treating in less than an hour (Rachel and Aaron only lasted 20 min).

Friday, November 6, 2009

Grown-up yet?

At the gym this morning I read through the September issue of Real Simple magazine, where an article asked the question, "When did you first feel grown-up?"

My first thought was that I'm not nearly polished enough to be grown-up. I still sneak cookies from the cookie jar, I'm okay if the dishes hang out in the sink for a while before I wash them, and I'd like to play hooky from my responsibilities. But--I'm 28, so I ought to be grown-up, and there have been a few times when I have felt it.

I didn't really feel like an adult when I moved into my first apartment, because I had so much fun I felt like kid, and I didn't feel grown-up when I made my first house payment (I think I was in high school when that happened). But--when we bought our second home (the first one we actually loved) and I got to decorate and arrange furniture and meet the neighbors, then I felt grown-up in the best way.

When Hannah was born, I was 21 and suddenly felt much, much older. I didn't have a clue how to dress like a young Mom, so I think I looked much older, too. Or just frumpier. However, when I see my four kids playing nicely together, I feel like I've arrived at the good part of life.

When we found out about Rachel's deafness, I was 22 and felt very unprepared. However, I'm a proud Mother when I see her jump off the bus by herself and run home to tell me about her day and read a simple book to me. She has come such a long way!

I'm back in school now, which is pretty fun, but it does make me feel a good way. I'm glad I have my degree, even if I'm not working now, and it feels good to take a class because I need to learn, rather than just because I need a grade to get on with what I really want to be doing, like so many students. I've even started to consider a graduate degree (in the future...can't handle it now!).

Anyway, just thought I'd share. Any thoughts on grow-up, not just older?