Sunday, October 11, 2009


Wow, I really haven't been a faithful blogger lately! So this will be a combo-post...
Hannah turned 7 on Oct 3. Every time General Conference rolls around we have to figure out how to celebrate a birthday and watch conference (Rachel's birthday is always at April Conference). I think we've decided to do parties only every-other year, so we had a little break this year. On Friday, the day before her birthday, Hannah was excited to take a batch of cinnamon rolls to share with her class, but she barfed all night, so...we kept her home (and ate the cinnamon rolls). Poor kid. Thankfully, she was only sick for a bout half a day, so I don't think it was the flu. Saturday morning we did gifts and she was able to play with some neighborhood friends. On Monday we were able to get a babysitter and take Hannah to dinner and some one-on-one time, which was nice.(This is Rachel, pretending to read her scriptures while listening to Conference. At one point she came over to look at my computer screen and asked for me to set it up with interpreting, and then actually watched it for a while! Yeah, my kids are cool like that. Sometimes.)
I love General Conference! I'm always reminded just how much I need to change, but that the Lord loves me anyway. I have a Conference tradition of deep cleaning my kitchen while listening--it keeps me awake, plus I feel like I'm accomplishing something. Thank goodness for technology! I love being able to watch Conference from home, especially since with 4 small kids I probably wouldn't be able to get to see all the sessions if I had to get to church. After listening to the talks, I've been thinking a lot about temperance, self-discipline, and what exactly I want my life to be filled with.
Christian traveled nearly all week. He went to North Carolina and rented a Seabring convertible, and he liked to call me when he was somewhere particularly pretty with the top down. He also went to a trivia night at a pizza place with a few of his old co-workers, where they placed 4th in the competition. While he was enjoying himself on his work-trip/vacation, I had a busy week full of the usual stuff...class, housework, and desperate attempts to learn this whole couponing business (I've had a few success, found some good deals, and had a few frustrations...there's definitlely a learning curve). Also, with Christian out of town, the kids got to go with me to the YM/YW mid-week activity to a pumpkin patch. They, of course, had a grand time.The kids are doing well--the boys still spend their days building GeoTrax, and the girls love school. Rachel was upset this Saturday when I told her she couldn't go to school. Both girls are improving their reading skills in the last few weeks.I'm in desperate need of a project, so over the next few weeks I'll work on painting the boys' room, starting another growth chart, canning apples, and making Halloween costumes...I'll update as I get things done!


DeAnn said...

Busy, busy. I look forward to the day when we can leave the kids with the dads and go out to eat, drive a cool car and do whatever. Will that ever happen? A mom's cruise or something.

val m said...

I love the picture of Rachel with the scriptures! What a cutie! I see you entered the world of littlest Pet shops. How can such little toys take over my daughter's bedroom?? Conference was wonderful - I hope to keep that motivation!

Annelise said...

That looked like a cool cake!
Happy Birthday Hannah!!!!