Sunday, September 27, 2009

Squash blossoms for linner

Saturdays are special days--they're the days we pack so full of activities that we have to crash on Sunday to recover.
We started off our day with playtime: Christian ran off with the guys to play ultimate frisbey and I watched the daughter of one of those guys while they played. For those who don't know, Christian and I actually met playing ultimate frisbey, which is something of a miracle because I'm not exactly athletic. He always comes home sore, sweaty, and muddy, but I'm supportive.
That afternoon we invited a few friends over for linner--the meal that replaces lunch and dinner. We provided an apple-cider spiced pork loin, mashed potatoes, and drinks (smelled like Fall at our house!), and friends brought salad and, what was probably the highlight of the meal, spicy cheese-curd stuffed mini-bell peppers and fried squash blossoms. I usually think that the very name "cheese curd"is yucky enough to keep this cheese-loving girl from trying them, but oh my! those stuffed peppers were yummy...and cute! And I'm usually opposed to eating flowers, but I'll make an exception for squash blossoms (they're the flowers that grow on squash plants, in case you don't know--and I didn't). My friend Jessica had wanted to try them for a while, and she thought that my culinary-king hubby could help make them yummy. So together they came up with a seasoned cream cheese filling (rosemary, paprika for color, garlic, and a few other things) and fried them. Oh, so good. And odd, therefore fun to eat.
Afterwards, we ventured to the church for an ice cream social with the 3 wards and then watched the RS broadcast, which is often my favorite part of conference. Did anyone else notice how President Uchdorf's hair glowed in the dark? It was especially visible during Sister Beck's talk. And I loved how Sister Beck announced the change of name from Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment Meetings to just plain Relief Society meetings ("Let's just call them what they are!"). I always leave the RS Broadcast feeling like I'm not doing everything I ought to be doing, but that the Lord loves me and with His help I can do better. I also felt so grateful for the sisterhood of Relief Society, and for the stake I am in right now, where I know people from several wards and feel like I belong.
Oh, and we left the broadcast early to run to Culver's for pumpkin spice shakes and watched the rest in the comfort of the Wesel's living room... :)
Overall, the good-kind of busy day.


The Santini Stew said...

I got a little distracted by the glowing hair too!

val m said...

Looks yummy!! When ever you need a taster call!!! I didn't notice the hair - to busy feeling overwhelmed at how I need to do better!!!

DeAnn said...

I didn't really think of it as glowing hair but I did notice him.

Sonja said...

I agree with you, I love the sisterhood here. I felt uplifted at the meeting and a feeling of lots to improve on. You are such a wonderful person.