Thursday, September 17, 2009

Progress Report

Rachel came home Friday with a list of reading "sight words" for the year. I am worried about how her deafness will affect her ability to learn to read, so for fun I thought I'd see if she knew any of the words already...and guess what? She knew a bunch of them. Here's a list of the words I know she can read (so far):
I, see, me, my, look, the, like, go, and, for, up, to, in, play, on, a, is, we, you, no, yes

There were 9 words on the list that she didn't know, and about half of those are English words not used in ASL.

While I know that plenty of kids enter Kindergarten with reading skills, this is important because in order for her to learn to read, she has to learn English, which is a very different language from ASL. I've worried that she will fall behind in school if she has trouble learning English, and its very encouraging to see that she is motivated, interested, and capable of learning to read.


Annelise said...

That is exciting! She knew all those words and you didn't know it! Good job Rachel!

Catherine Faux said...

Yay Rachel! How are your ASL classes going? I think that is so cool that you are taking them.

Sherilyn said...

That's great that she knew several of them already. Hurrah! I also am interested in how the ASL class is coming along.

val m said...

Way to go Rachel!!! She is a smart girl!! You are a wonderful mom!