Sunday, September 27, 2009

Junk for sale

The other day my kids approached me with a proposition--they wanted me to make tons of lemonade and brownies so that they could have an impromptu lemonade stand to make lots of money. Always the supportive mother, I told them we'd have to do it another time. They countered with a more realistic offer--could I give them some old junk so that they could have an impromptu garage sale and make tons of money? Well, there's no harm in giving them junk, aside from the potential mess. They had an hour or so to lay out their garage sale and make up price tags. Unfortunately, nobody came so they didn't earn any money. We'll discuss marketing strategies at our next Family Home Evening. They did, however, successfully fill an hour with activity, without any arguing, and they actually did (mostly) clean up their own mess).


val m said...

Now I feel guilty that I didn't let Tiana have her sale!! She has quite the stack of stuff to try and sell!!

DeAnn said...

I remember I used to sell rocks at the end of our driveway when I was a kid. We lived out in the boonies though so we didn't get too many customers.