Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Pounder...

Even though I've had a recent 4 month slump, I've lost 35 lbs. so far this year. That does mean, however, that I have to stop eating everything I cook. My new tactic is to get other people to do it for me - I get to live vicariously through my neighbors and friends.

I've wanted to make a custom "pounder" burger for some time, so I talked one of the young men from church, Kyle, into eating my creation. We had his family over yesterday for a BBQ, and I made him his own cheeseburger "pounder", hand made bun and all...

Here he is, posing before he takes the first bite.

And - the first bite!

Only fifteen minutes later, he gets to his last bite...

And the face of a satisfied 16 year-old.

Actually, I was a little disappointed that he polished it off in only fifteen minutes. It obviously wasn't much of a challenge to him. I've already started thinking...double anyone???

Thursday, August 27, 2009

No more excuses--I've been home from vacation for a week and a half and had a working, reliable computer for nearly a week, so I have to get back to blogging regularly.

So what have we been up to for the last week and a half?

First off, I had to take Rachel to the doctor for a back to school check-up, which included learning that she had a UTI and needed medicine and a renal ultrasound (which was normal). While there, to entertain the kids, I let them play with my camera. Silly Mom. So here's a kids' view picture of me at the Pediatrician's office.

The next big thing was a YW activity that started out as a sleepover and turned into a dinner/movie activity last Friday. I have this Pizza Hut pizza recipe that tastes better than the real stuff, and when we lived in Shelby I taught the YW to make it and they loved it, so I thought it would be fun to try again. Actually, it was stressful. All the shopping (expecting 10-12 people to feed) and planning after a trip was a bit more than I wanted to handle. But--our girls are a lot of fun, so its always fun to be with them.

I taught the girls to make the pizza (which, by the way, didn't turn out well at all--too much flour and hair--yes, hair--in the crust), including following and doubling a recipe and kneading bread by hand. Then we made scented bath salts and a sugar scrub, followed by a showing of Mobsters and Mormons.
So happy to be there...
After all that, DeAnn and her kids came to visit Monday-Wednesday, but I didn't take any pictures, unfortunately. We let the kids play and entertain themselves mostly, but on Tuesday we took them to the AirZoo and then let them play on the Slip 'n Slide. I also made the pizza again, just to prove that I can, and it turned out great. We love having them come because our kids are close in age and we always have a good time. DeAnn and I got to slip out and go see a few movies, too (Julie & Julia, thumbs up, PostGrad, not so much).

Seriously, I'm so ready for school to start, but we still have another week and a half! The kids and I are going crazy and are desperate to get back to something like a routine. Hannah will be in 2nd grade, Rachel will start all-day Kindergarten (1/2 day in a regular K-classroom, 1/2 day in a Hearing Impaired class for special help and speech), and I will head back for the first time in 6 years to take an ASL class at the local community college.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Massive Vacation Post, part 2

Same events, more pictures :)

From the family pool party:
Aaron and Daddy
Leland and Jacob
Belle, the horse

Meeting long-lost family members:

This is my Mom, brother Kevin, Sister Dana, cousin Shelly, and her husband Jacob
My Mom and her brother (my uncle) Albert and his wife, Becky
Christian, his brother Jonathan, and their Grandma Green and assorted cousins
Aaron with cousins Naomi and Gabriel
studly brother Kevin

Christian with his Grandma Green at the Salem Day's Parade

Rachel on Dana
Dana and Hannah (isn't my sister a cutie?)
Grandpa with my boys

Stinking-cute kids (mine and others):

Aaron belted to a chair for time-out...and loving it.


Apparently my son has rebelled against normal smiling pictures...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm a fan of vacation


We're back! Between computer problems and a 17-day vacation, I feel very out of touch with the blogosphere, but I'll try to catch up quickly. Here's a quick summary of our time in Utah:

*Christian and I split the kids and flew separately (to accommodate frequent flier miles). Hannah was a huge help with Aaron, who liked to kick the seat in front of him; Rachel and Nathan giggled every time the plane bumped and got to play in business class seats for part of the flight.
*The first day in Utah, we enjoyed a large family swim party at the home of Christian's aunt
Annette (picts to follow).
*I might have felt more at home had our old home still been there--but when I drove by to show Hannah where we used to live, all there was left was a grassy plot...(I guess it really, really, wasn't worth fixing up)
*No help interpreting for Rachel during church--I missed our ward!
*For Family Home Evening, we had a bbq with 20 of the 25 grandkids and 8 of the 13 kids, plus spouses. Christian inherited his love for bbq's from his father.

*We loved seeing family we hadn't seen in 4 years and meeting the new cousins born since we left!
*DeAnn, Bethany, and I visited Daddy's salon for pedicures (Prestige Salon in Spanish Fork--go if you can, its amazing!)
*Loved family game nights--I actually won a game of Monopoly!
*Loved using canoes and paddle boats on Salem Pond, plus visiting the park and feeding ducks.

*Had a picnic lunch with Daddy in Midway and visited the Homestead, where we watched Grandpa finish scuba diving in the crater.
*Played in Daddy's fabulous backyard--with the trampoline, kiddie pool, seat-swing, lounge
chairs, and with the horses in the neighbor's backyard.
*Salem Days!

*Spray-painting t-shirts with Bethany to help Daddy's campaign for mayor ("Me for Mayor", "Save Salem, Go Green", "vote for my Grandpa", "Stan's the Man")
*Finding out that more people read my blog than I thought! Yay for lurkers!
*Visited Christian's sister, Annelise, in Idaho for the blessing of her second daughter, Caroline
(and meeting Olivia for the first time)
*Hanging out with Christian's little brother, Peter, and meeting his girlfriend, Courtney...Christian spent hours with Peter building a desk.*Letting the kids play at a cool "castle" playground.

*Hanging out with my little sister in the hot tub and taking her to EFY...and almost teaching her how to ride a bike.
*Visiting the Hogle Zoo with my Dad, and watching the kids play with toy lemurs for days afterwards.*Seeing my little brother, Kevin, who just came home from his mission, helping him get set for school this Fall,
and hanging out with my Mom, too.
*Swimming at Payson Pool

*Taking the kids to temple square*Seeing my cousin, Shelley; meeting her husband, Jacob; and having a fun extended family dinner with my uncle and his family.
*The ride home...way too long. The kids were exhausted to tears by the time they got off the plane.
We had dinner that night with our friends, the Wesels, so we thankfully didn't have to go back to real life immediately...

Coming up--more vacation posts, plus my latest project for the boys' room!