Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nathan's Happy Birthday

Finally 4! I had to disappoint Nathan by telling him he has to wait another year to start school, but otherwise, he had a great birthday.
Friday, the day before his birthday, we had some friends over for dinner so we served his cake early--its always better to share, especially since I made a dirt cake to serve a dozen people. I thought it turned out pretty cute (it even had gummy worms). The kids helped me make the flowers out of colored licorice (strengthened with kabob skewers), starbursts, gummy fruit slices and toothpicks.
On Saturday, Nathan's real birthday, we started the day off with gifts before taking him to get his pictures taken. We haven't had a nice picture of Nathan taken in years because I haven't know what to do with his hair...how sad is that? He had a blast, laughed the whole time, and I think we got some great pictures. If you're interested, you can check them out here (just type in my name for the customer name and click on view images). After that, we went to the Celery Flatts trails with the big kids and Daddy on bikes to ride a few miles on a gorgeous day. Rachel and Nathan still use training wheels, but they're getting much more comfortable. Next thing, we headed out to our friend's house for the ward ice cream social, where the kids got wet, ate lots of candy, jumped on the trampoline, and played with a parrot and horse-sized dogs. They came home thoroughly exhausted, but happy.
We so glad we have Nathan--he's a sweet kid, loves to laugh, and is a great friend to his siblings. Here are a few photos of Nathan through the years (and with his weird hair...).


Catherine Faux said...

Wow he's getting so big. I LOVE the cake you made. What a cool idea. What is in it then...oreos and pudding? I have to know because I want to make that cake. (I'm always cataloging good ideas.) I love the leaves. It's so cute.

Kasey Hunt said...

Happy Birthday Nathan!! love your cake.

Joyous said...

Robyn, that cake is a masterpiece! I love fruit slices, but I haven't had them in years. Happy birthday, Nathan!