Sunday, June 21, 2009


Christian was home all week for his Mandatory Unpaid Leave of Absense...aka--forced unpaid vacation. Although we are grateful that his company chose to do extra vacation rather than more layoffs, we really do prefer to get paid.
We had a long list of things to do this week--a list that would have been longer if we were getting paid this week (refinish the deck, go on vacation...), but long enough. Monday morning I woke up with the feeling that we were already behind and that there was no way we'd get to everything. So, I did the smart thing for once, and started with the most important projects. Monday afternoon I started painting the girls' room, and successfully turned a simple and cheap project to something much more involved. A few months ago I picked out what I thought would be the perfect color for their room--it was a neutral greenish color that matched both quilts and the wood trim. Then I saw a mis-tinted paint that seemed close enough and proceeded to add every leftover scrap of paint in our garage to try to make it into the color I originally wanted. As I began painting, I didn't like it. I panicked for a few hours, trying to decided if I should just go back and buy the original color, turning a budget project into a more than usually expensive one, but decided to stick it out. I mixed some more colors into the mis-tint and finished up a second coat. By morning, I really liked it--paint colors look so different when they dry. Its much more cheerful than the crayon-and-white they originally had. Drama over.
For my birthday, Christian bought tickets to the Parade of Homes and on Tuesday we found a babysitter so we could go together. I'm so lucky that Christian enjoys doing that sort of thing with me. We saw a few places we loved, got a bunch of new ideas, and laughed at a few really stupid details (a toilet seat visible through a window directly over the front door of a half a million dollar home???). I went again by myself later on in the week to get my $'s worth.
Also during the week, we visited the Air Zoo (free!), used Hannah's reading coupons at Pizza Hut, used the Celery Flatts trail/parks three times to run/ride bikes/play, attended the weekly ASL class/ YW night, had dinner with friends twice, worked on our garden and yard, celebrated Nathan's 4th birthday and got his picture taken, attended the ward's ice cream social, spent 4 hours visiting teaching 2 people, and Christian spent the last free afternoon helping some friends fix up their basement after a flood.


Randy, Ally, and Wes said...

wow, sounds very busy! Love the paint in the girls' room.

Kasey Hunt said...

You have been busy. I would love to go the parade of homes. I didn't realize they were doing it again.Did you take pictures of the things you liked?

Catherine Faux said...

Sounds like you got a lot done. A good amount of play mixed in with the work. Nice. I can't wait for the time when we have a nice little garden (obviously we need a yard).

Joyous said...

That Green family is pretty much amazing.